The “I Feel Like Shit” Remedy Kit

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had that moment where we let our mind wander for a second into self-reflection mode and then you kinda have this voice telling you, “Hey, I feel like shit.” What follows after is that whys and the how did this happen thought process, as your brain scrambles to figure out the source of the problem.

It could be a bad day at work (or a bad life, sometimes), or something didn’t quite work out for you, or you don’t feel so great emotionally or mentally, or it could be … well, nothing. That’s right. It is totally acceptable to feel like shit for no apparent reason. However, if you feel like this is worrying, do seek help immediately – but only if you feel like it. Refer to this article, if you need any pointers.

Anyway, getting back to the meat of the matter: you feel like shit. What do you do to counter it? Granted, everybody has their own way of dealing with their emotions and problems, but honestly speaking, this article was one of those ‘shower ideas’ articles. I’ve been feeling so down lately because of work (and before you say, “Oh, but she’s found the root of the problem, why doesn’t she act on it?” It really is just more than that, and I have my reasons for not upping and leaving the second I started feeling this way). THE POINT IS… I just thought some of us those reading may benefit from this. I’m all for not giving in to the feeling of giving up, of just surrendering to the sadness… Frankly, I wish I could tell you how I bounce back, but the truth is … I just got sick of being depressed. So tired of ‘layaning’ how I feel all the time, and getting nothing done, and feeling like I’m wasting my youth just trying to dissect my depression.

But one thing I realise is that, it’s just about the little things you do. A little goes a long way, and despite how cheesy that saying is, it does help the situation, if only a little. And for you, my friend, I will list down some of the things that work for me most, if not all the time. I mean, there has got to be a reason why you clicked on this article. You know it. You came here to read what other avenues you could explore when trying to remedy the shittiness of the situation. So here are my suggestions, the first aid kit, the bandaging the boo-boo, the aid to your ailment, the succour to your suffering, the *voice goes on and on, but slowly disappears*

1. Jump Street, PJ


“What the fuck?” you mutter under your breath. And then you double check the title of this article, just to make sure you didn’t click on ‘5 Places To Get Your Fitness On In Klang Valley’. Because the last think you’d want to do when you’re feeling depressed, is to go work out. Hey, I mean no disrespect to my #fitfam peeps, but if it works for you, then well done. #NOHATE.

But for those exactly like me, the ones who avoid any form of blood, sweat and tears after a hard day, well … this is honestly going to be worth your time. Why? It’s simple. It’s fun, and it burns calories. But you wouldn’t even bother about the latter once you get in, because all you’re going to be thinking about is jumping and jumping and jumping. The only worry you’re going to have is whether you’re going to land the right way, or fall. Even falling doesn’t hurt because you’re on a trampoline anyway.

For RM27 (excluding grip socks, but you can bring your own if you have, just make sure they grip well), you can jump for a full hour. Trust me, an hour is enough. You’ll be tired within the first 15 mins but you wouldn’t even stop. Plus, the playlist there is LIT. Think Drake, Trey Songz, and all that other hits that would make you want to dance and jump. It’ll make you feel like a kid again and it’s just … the best form of distraction. Tried and tested.

2. Purchase something minimal and inconsequential


Now, this. Retail therapy does work wonders, yes, but what if we’re broke? That happens 95% of the time. Our riches only last for about half a day before the OCD kicks in, and we want to start paying our bills so I understand – FULLY – what it’s like to want to buy something, but the bank disapproves. There is that itch. You know what itch I’m talking about: the one that doesn’t want to leave you alone until you get something new to take home with you, that craving for newness that would make you feel a little better about yourself, and the world.

If you’re strapped for cash, head to Watson’s. Or Guardian. Or like a junk book store, or some trinket shop that sells cheap stuff. It doesn’t matter what you get. You could head into Watson’s and buy like, I don’t know, a hand sanitiser that you know you won’t use. Or get some supplements from Guardian. A RM5 Enid Blyton book from the secondhand store. Some pointless, decorative elephant from the trinket shop. Flea market’s in the vicinity? Even better. Take a walk there and look at stuff. If you like it, you get it. Heck, even if you half-like it, just get it anyway. You’ll feel a lot better. And you will feel even better at the fact that it didn’t take off much from your bank account.

3. Go dancing


Where’s that one place that’s the most happening bar in town right now? Go there. Let loose. Dance like nobody’s watching. But, if you’re self-conscious then fine, do it at home. Then, you really dance like nobody’s watching because there is literally, nobody watching. Ignore the judgemental looks on your pets’ faces. Put on some dance jams on YouTube, blast it on your speakers and just. do. it. And let me know how you feel later. If you still feel rubbish, then you’re probably lying, and you owe me a burger. Speaking of burgers …

4. Get some good grub


Burgers. Fried chicken. Ice cream. Salad. Soup. Fruits. Llao llao. Famous Amos cookies. Any of those perk your interest and/or appetite? Go get it. Treat yourself to some good meal. Don’t worry if you’re alone, it’s good to take yourself out on a date sometimes. Enjoy the good food, while you can, and especially because you don’t feel so great. You’re nourishing yourself with good food, and if anyone tells you to stop ’emotional eating’, tell them they’re making you emotional and you’ll eat them too if they don’t shut up.

5. Go for a manicure, pedicure or a hair wash (for ladies, and some men)


Google the nearest salon to your office/home. Make an appointment. Go there, select some nice colours, and enjoy the process. Doze off. Post it up on social media. Wiggle your toes and fingers for the Boomerang. Do it for the gram, and do it for yourself. A little bit of pampering goes a looooooong way, because you know how they say “look good, feel good”? This is the best example I can give. I DARE you to still feel like absolute crap when your nails be poppin’ and your hair be putting Beyoncé to shame. I dare you.

6. Stream some feel-good movies at home, if you’re too tired to go out


I can think of a couple of feel-good movies that would have you roaring with laughter. White Chicks, Girls’ Trip, Crazy Stupid Love, Game Night, Nutty Professor, The Mask … But that’s just my preference. If you’ve got some time on your hands with some amazing Internet connection and/or Netflix account, check out this list of the best comedy movies. Pick one. Get into your pajamas and pour yourself a glass of wine. Enjoy laughing. Enjoy being.

7. Drag your friends out for some teh tarik


Message that group chat: “Anyone free to lepak?” Dress up, and go out. Talk to your friends. Tell them why you feel like shit. If you can’t express it, then just go with it and enjoy some good tea and some good company.

8. Watch some Bob Ross videos

Have you got a favourite YouTuber, whose voice is so calming and soothing that you feel your troubles are so far away once they start speaking? Bob Ross is that person for me. I mean, it helps to have him creating some pretty fucking awesome paintings at the end of the video but to be fair, he could be, um, sipping tea and talking about his day for 1 hour and I’d still watch it to the end. Find that person on YouTube. Or if you don’t want to yet, then watch this video by Bob Ross and enjoy the tranquility that comes with it:

9. Talk a walk


I suggest that you not do this alone, especially if you live in some dodgy ass neighbourhood, and especially if it’s dark and late. If you have company (like pets!), that’s great. But if you live in a great neighbourhood with a common park with lots of people then that is fantastic. Just take a walk around the park, or the area and just take notice of the things that you don’t normally. How many cats did you see on your way? How many dogs? How was the weather? Was it going to rain? Which neighbour had the best car? Take note of the simplest, silliest of things and by the end of your walk, your shoulders should feel significantly lighter.

10. Take a long bath, and get a good night’s sleep


Sometimes, people take both baths and sleep for granted. It’s amazing how a nice long shower or a hot drawn bath and an early night can do you so much good. Sleep rejuvenates, resets and refreshes the body, mind and soul. If you can’t bring yourself to remedy the situation even if you tried, try to at least wash the day away and get a good soak in before getting to bed earlier than your normal time. Say your prayers, tuck in and forget everything else. Rest.

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