The Lady In The Tree

Hello again, fellow reader. It is I, the one whose pre-school was haunted. Some time passed between the time my grandpa had been catcalled by what we assumed to be a puntianak/langsuir, and all was well in my school. Or so we thought.

A few short months later, there was an incident in the school where a student playing hide and seek in the late evening stumbled upon a disembodied head floating its way around the school. While I never knew what happened till many years later (thanks grandpa for not warning me), it seemed that the poor boy had sought too hard at hide and seek and found something he shouldn’t have. He was bedridden with a raging fever for a week after which he never came back to school again.

This was then followed by another kid pointing out a humanoid looking doll with long hair just casually draped across the branches of one of the huge trees overlooking our pre-school section. It was pretty hard to ignore to be honest because that tree was our favourite place to squirrel watch. A pasty white doll amidst all that green foliage really does stick out. And who would toss a ragdoll up that high? We were pint sized kids at that time and didn’t even stand a chance of hitting the top of the monkey bars, much less this behemoth of a tree. The gardener shooed us away back to our sandpit when we asked about the doll and my kiddo brain dismissed it just like that. Unbeknownst to us and as you might have guessed by now dear reader, that doll wasn’t truly a doll.

Several days after spotting the doll on and off, we noticed it was a little weird. It would often change spots on the tree of its own accord. In the morning it would be on one branch but by evening it was dangling off of another. We were intrigued. Then one day when we came to school, it was just gone.

It seemed that during one of the Saturday activities that extended into the late evening, a student so happened to look up into the canopy of trees and spotted a lady in white just sitting on the branch where the doll used to be. it was safe to say we didn’t see that student also for the next week or ever again thereafter.

Some prayers were performed and the doll was removed the following day after an elaborate series of rituals. But not before my grandpa caught a glimpse of the doll itself, a wee thing with long raggedy black hair and made of dirty white cloth. With a nail to the back of its neck.



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