(R/18+) – Public Places: A Confessions Sampler

I’m not a big fan of public sex of any kind. At least, on most occasions. There are quite a few reasons for this, the first being that I’m not a fucking teenager anymore. As a grown-ass man I expect myself to be able to have most of my sexual experiences in the comfort of a high-end hotel room.

And none of that budget hotel bullshit either; that would be like walking into a trap for people of my ethnic background, and I have no intention of being arrested by a bunch of underachieving plebs who couldn’t qualify to become actual officers of the law.

But I digress.

Second, fucking someone in public is simply not pragmatic. That’s the thing they don’t usually talk about when it comes to fucking in staircases and in empty parking lots: by the time you realise someone’s there, they’ve already got you, it’s too late. That, and chances are there are either cameras on the wall or some schmuck pointing his smartphone at you from around a pillar to record a .3gp video.

Having said that, I do make exceptions. Like that one time I made out with a student behind a library shelf. That was an exception because we both had our clothes on, and because with her back pressed against the shelf, I could stick my tongue down her throat while still maintaining at least 180 degrees worth of vision over the library.

Plus, I scoped out the area many times prior and knew that there were only two cameras in the whole place: one by the entrance, and one by the librarian’s office door.

Beyond that, there are some very specific circumstances that I feel make the risk-to-orgasm intensity ratio worth it.

Previously, I’ve written lengthy confessions detailing my sins with different people. Here is an anthology of shorter confessions that did not take place behind closed doors.

In Cars

Ah yes, the ever-classical car scenario. As my introduction above may have indicated, I do not believe in fucking in cars because its the risk isn’t worth it, no matter how tinted your windows may be. By the time you spot someone walking towards your car, it is already too late.

Protip: If you’re going to do anything in a parked car, shut the damn engine off. There is nothing more suspicious than a parked car with the engine on. A parked car that’s off attracts less attention.

I make an exception for if the car is mobile, however. Remember that “The First Student I Slept With” article? She also happened to be the first person who gave me roadhead, i.e. sucked me off while I was driving to the tune of “Diamonds” by Rihanna. During our affair, we ended up doing this a number of times, all using the same exact route I mapped out: from PJ, onto the Federal Highway heading towards Subang Airport and back.

Why? Because the route consists mainly of straight roads with little jams (at night, at least). Its safer, slightly more discreet, plus when the time comes for me to blow my load down (up?) her throat, I have space to accelerate much safer since the roads are relatively empty.

There was another highway that was ideal as well, though I can’t for the life of me remember which one it was. The reason was because at the time, I was asleep in the back seat while two female colleagues of mine were at the front of the car.

As they spoke softly to each other we drove back from an all-day conference in the city, I found myself awake halfway through the journey and with a very unique opportunity; and you should know by now that I rarely give up an opportunity for a unique, risqué orgasm, even if it happens with my own two hands.

Praying that the driver would not look over her shoulder at me in the back seat, I started off slowly by rubbing my throbbing bulge. The rush was quite strong, imagining myself getting caught. Hard as I was, the gentle rubbing wasn’t getting me far enough, so I quietly unzipped my pants just enough for me to slip a few fingers inside my pants.

That escalated things for me, but not enough to push me over the edge. So I took it a step further and whipped out my cock, again praying to the heavens that nobody heard me or decided to look in the back seat. It was a late night drive down a highway and all of us were too tired anyway, but I had to finish what I started. I knew that the smell would be too obvious to anyone who’s ever been in contact with cum and I did not want to risk shooting over my shoulder and onto the rear window or something, so I packed it back in my pants and unloaded into my boxers.

Putting all of my will into regulating my breathing, the orgasm was intense and lasted for what felt like forever. When I was completely drained into my pants, I zipped up and went back to sleep.

We dropped off one colleague, then we went back to the office so I could get down and drive my own car home. The entire time, I was carrying a full load in my pants, hoping I didn’t end up dripping down my pant leg onto the car’s floor.

While Cruising

In those occasional moments when I feel the need to blow a guy, or be blown by one, I have engaged in cruising. For those of you who don’t know, cruising is basically when men, gay and straight alike, engage in anonymous sex in public areas. Most common are men’s bathrooms in shopping malls, train stations, etc. Google it, but make sure you’re alone when you do.

For me, there were two places I used to cruise. The now-defunct SS2 mall was a hotbed for this sort of activity. Cruising tends to happen both at the urinals and in the cubicles themselves. The cubicle type of stuff is often called ‘understall’, because it takes place under the divider between cubicles. If you’re new to this, you might not believe what I’m telling you, so go on to your favourite porn site and key in that phrase, ‘understall’.

But I digress.

My favourite cruising experience was when I was in a cubicle next to another guy. At first, you never know if the guy is looking for the same thing and you’re both scared to make the first move. It could be an innocent bystander or it could be a security guard.

But someone needs to make a small first move, and then both will escalate.

First, I noticed the unusual silence in his cubicle as well as mine.

Signs you’re in a toilet used for cruising:

  1. You notice guys standing at the urinal for an unusually long amount of time, flushing unnecessarily, looking around as if they were fishing for eye-contact with like-minded individuals. Sometimes, this also happens at the sink when they’ll wash their hands for longer than usual, but you’ll notice them using the mirror to scan the toilet.
  2. You notice guys walking around with an unusually light step. Dudes who are moving around way too fucking quietly for no reason.
  3. Look down at the dividers between cubicles. Are they high enough off the floor? Is it only tile under those dividers, or grates? Tiles help because you can comfortably kneel at the wall for some understall action.
  4. You notice a few men standing outside of the toilet entrance just playing with their phones and looking around for an unusually long amount of time. Hint: they’re not waiting for their girlfriends in the ladies’ toilet, they’re scanning the men who walk into the toilets.

All I could see on the floor was his shadow, which meant he could see mine too. I cleared my throat a little, he cleared his throat a little. Then i got brave.

I started rubbing my cock, but exaggerating my movements so that my shadow made it obvious what I was doing. I wanted to see what his next move was.

The adrenaline started shooting up my spine the moment I saw his shadow start to mimic mine.

I stood up, so he stood up. That’s when we both knew it was on.

I knelt facing the divider so that my cock was just under it on his side, and he did the same. Before I knew it, his hard cock made its way to my side of the divider, and that’s when we started going to work on each other.

We were practically face to face, with the exception of the thin piece of wood that separated the cubicles. Our intensified breathing could be heard from both sides, but we made it a point to control it as best as we could.

I reached just far enough to play with his balls while he jacked me off, though this motherfucker was clearly hungry for more. I was impressed at how far into my side he could reach, especially since I’m a little bit of a plus-sized gentleman, I’ll admit.

I wasn’t sure what he was going after. With things like these, you never know what you were going to get so you had to be vigilant; was he going for my wallet? Was he trying to pull me closer? No, this dude was going after my ass.

He wasn’t gentle about it, either. With no lube, not even spit on his finger, he decided to violate me raw and dry. I had to try my best not to groan out loud because yeah, it hurt, but goddammit it felt good to be violated like that.

It’s never a good idea to keep public activities going for too long, be it cruising or sex of any kind. So within minutes I was knocking on the wall, the universal signal for “Don’t stop, I’m fucking cumming”. I couldnt see what was happening but I imagine blasting my entire load all over his cubicle as I pressed my forehead against the divider, my ass still swallowing what I suspect was his middle finger.

When I had finally regained my senses, it was time for me to return the favour. With one hand milking his cock for underneath and the other rubbing his balls, I went to work. I wanted this guy’s cum on my skin, so I made sure to empty him all over my thighs.

We gave each other a thumbs up under the stall divider, and we took turns getting dressed and disappearing from that toilet. Neither one of us aware of what the other guy looked like, not that we cared; that was the whole point.

In Staircases

Staircases are my least favourite place to have fun, but I have made exceptions for one particular staircase in Jaya One. Without giving away its location, what I can say is that halfway through one particular flight of stairs is a very strategic place to do things.

For starters, its just enough distance from the bottom floor to the first floor that if anyone were to come, the distance allowed for at least a 15-second head start to get moving. Furthermore, there were absolutely no cameras, the lights never worked for some reason, and the door at the bottom floor was a heavy fire resistent door which slowed down whoever was opening it.

This was also a strategic spot for me because I’d be with my date getting tipsy on the first floor, and when it was time to leave I’d walk into the dark staircase instead of taking the lift down. Once at that sweet spot between the two floors, that’s when I would push my date up against the wall and have my way with her.

My favourite memory? I walked my English-speaking hijabi date down that staircase in the dark. She knew me well by then, and she knew damn well what she was walking into. Since I was in front, I turned around to grab her, spinning her around and pulling her towards me as I pushed my back against the wall for support. One hand groping her amazing tits, the other moved its way downward to discover a couple of surprises.

For starters, she was already dripping wet through her panties. A pleasant surprise, but not unexpected.

Unexpected, was the fact that there was already a rip in the crotch of her leggings. I remember smiling and laughing a little, whisper in her ear “Look at how fucking wet you are. I was gonna rip a hole but there’s already one, and you didn’t tell me, did you?”.

With my left hand groping her tits and my forearm restraining her against me, my other hand was quick to pull her panties aside so two of my fingers could work my way into her. Being in public at such a risky spot, I wasted no time in fingering her. Her mouth gaping open, I made sure to use my controlling hand to cover it so she could moan without anyone else hearing the sound of her voice.

My fingers were knuckle-deep and completely soaked in her juices. Instinctively, I yanked them out and fed them to her, forcing her to taste herself before I stuck my tongue down her throat again to share that entire mix.

I made her clean my fingers with her mouth before grabbing her by the hand and walking her out of that staircase. I was calm and collected, she was still an orgasmic mess trying to regain her bearings. I would’ve loved to do much more but like I said, I don’t stay in one spot for too long.

Though I have a few more short confessions, I think this article is long enough. Perhaps a part 2 will be due in the near future.


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