To My Future Partner

I want you.

I want you all to myself, and I want to give you all of my self in return.

There’s no denying that there’s strong chemistry between us, both interpersonal chemistry as well as sexual chemistry. Finding both of those things in the same person is rare, in my opinion, and I am not going to waste it by not trying to escalate things between us.

The same thing that attracts your attention to me is probably the same thing that might cause in you some doubt; the intrigue that I create, my nonchalantness and the fact that I am incorrigible, all pique your interest but also makes you apprehensive about getting too close to me.

You’re not the first person to stand at the gates of my inner sanctum and question whether or not its safe to go in.

Regardless, please consider this an official invitation into that personal space, an invitation I never extend unless I am absolutely sure of myself. That is what I am right now as I think about you: absolutely sure that I want to give you my undivided attention, to share with you my life, my self, my affections and my perversions; with you and only you.

This would entail sharing private moments where no one else in the world would matter or even exist, except for the both of us. Dinners where we indulge in whatever makes our dark little hearts sing, from food, to drink, to smoke and whatever other vices you and I may have.

What are your deepest, darkest vices? Share them with me. Trade them with me. I have plenty of vices I would love to teach you about, as well. Not only to indulge in them with you, but also to curate the best of them, refine them, and cater them to you, my love.

Allow me to share my taste in aesthetics with you as well. Without imposing myself upon you, I’d like to dress you up in styles and fashions that make me happy. Ones that would complement your already-delightful tastes in style.

Allow me to gift you with the many chokers I’ve always wanted to put on someone; wrapped snugly around your neck with lots of love, as a reminder of where my hands belong.

In return, you would also be able to make suggestions and additions to my aesthetics as well. I want your tastes to rub off on me, to be an influence on me, just as I hope mine will be on you as well. Consider it a form of mutual assimilation, as we poise ourselves to become a power couple, in sync to take on the world together.

When the sun goes down, I will find myself developing a deep familiarity with your anatomy, more than anyone else ever has. I would seek to achieve this the same way I enjoy my cigars; by taking my time to observe and appreciate all the very fine lines on you, following them from wherever they start, to wherever they may end.

Allow me to understand your body and its habits, of where knots start to appear whenever you’re tense, so that I may skilfully work them out of you. So that I may help you release all of your inhibitions and help you melt into the palm of my hand, my mouth, or all over the walls if you’re so inclined.

For those moments when you do not feel like taking things laying down, allow me to teach you everything you would need or would like to know, so that the space we share becomes yours, and not mine. I would love nothing more than to help you strengthen your spine, to the point where you become as powerful as I am, to the point where I can trust you enough to surrender my power and my self completely to you.

A person’s surrender is earned when they’re capable of placing their full trust in you; when they know that you can and will do whatever you want to them, but without ever forsaking them.

Look at me, love. “Do you trust me?” is what I’ll ask, before I start tearing your body apart. Do you know what I’ll say when I’m on my knees looking up at you before you do the same to me?

I will look up to you and I will say, “I trust you.”

Let me earn your surrender, and let me teach you how to earn mine.

I have spent most of my life as a, for lack of a better term, ‘lone wolf’. Taking on the world all by myself is something that I have become highly accustomed to. While I have the utmost confidence in my abilities, what I’m interested in now is sharing that process with someone who matters to me.

I want you to be that someone.

I want you to be my queen.

So when you’ve made up your mind, and when you’ve decided to accept the invitation into my inner sanctum despite your fears, I will be waiting for you.

So come and find me.


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