(R/18+) How I Started With Erotica

Writing has always been my main form of self-expression. Early in life I realised that I couldn’t draw for shit, nor could I sing (unless I found myself alone in my car). My methods for artistic expression were limited.

What I was always able to do, however, was write.

It wasn’t long before I learned to pair that ability with one of my other true passions: being a complete perv.

At first, the only audience I had for my perverted writing were strangers online (much like yourself). In those rare situations when I found myself in committed relationships, my girlfriends were the ones on the receiving end of those stories.

Having been in a few long-distance relationships, I made it a point to write a lot to my partner about anything and everything on my mind. On occasion, those lengthy emails and hand-written letters would consist of detailed stories of what I wanted to do to them, and how I wanted to do it.

My words were designed for one thing: to penetrate into the recipient’s mind and cause as many physical responses as possible.

At the end of each letter I made it a point to sign off just with an ‘X’, just in case anyone else ever laid eyes on them. The recipient would know who I was, but if those letters fell into anyone else’s hands, I would not be betrayed by my own name written on those pieces of paper.

Up until a few months ago, I only wrote for audiences of one at a time. Then I decided to branch out, and started writing for the benefit of strangers like yourself. I started with confessions on anythinglah.my, but I wanted to do more. I wanted to venture into fictional erotica.

I would love nothing more than to find new audiences-of-one to write for, but that is not possible for me right now considering I am currently single. Unless of course, you would like me to write to you.

Right now, I’m constantly writing for the next best thing: wide audiences of strangers, fellow perverts like myself, specifically on Tumblr where I currently run three erotic blogs.

School of International FreeUse (SOIF), I call it. The URL is exactly as how its named, though viewing it would require that you log in, thanks to Tumblr’s policy on NSFW blogs. The blog is themed around a fictional institution of higher learning, initially inspired by the freeuse fetish.

From there I opened up a second blog, “The Discipline Office at the SOIF”. This one is reserved for captions of a rougher nature; perfect for when I’m in the mood to vent and express my anger/frustration vicariously through the characters I write about.

And most recently, “The Asian Student Union”, a third blog revolving around all things Asian, for no other reason than to cater to my preference for stories of oriental women.

Previously, I had another blog that was wildly successful under a different name. Sadly, someone who wasn’t too fond of me found out and decided to dox me, or at least threaten to dox me (on top of threatening physical harm upon me).

I shut down the blog at that time, reluctantly of course. I was very disappointed; not so much in the threats that I received. I figured out who sent the threats, and the senders will be dealt with in due time. No, I wasn’t disappointed because of the threats.

I was disappointed that all of my hard work, those many nights of writing word after word after word, cumming to my own work and knowing that I’d made many of my own readers cum for the same reason; all of my work had to be destroyed to keep me safe.

I had to destroy the work that I considered to be my purest form of expression. That only silver lining was that the experience of being threatened made me appreciate my work even more, and made me realise that even facing those threats, I would still come back to writing.

Who knows what I’ll write next. Maybe I’ll post something on one of my tumblr pages. Maybe I’ll share another confession here on anythinglah.my.

Or maybe you’ll be the next person I write to.


The author can be reached via his Instagram account @oliversure

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