My Reflection, and ‘Sleep Paralysis’

By Irnita Solehan. The fourth and and fifth story. Six more to follow. In case you’re curious, read the first one here.


This incident happened in my living room.

So my mom wanted to get the area near the front door of the house painted. That area has a sliding window/door as well. So we had to take down the curtains to avoid from getting any paint on them. So for one whole night, we had no curtains up at the sliding window/door.

It was around 7:00PM (Maghrib) at the time and I was heading out of the kitchen to the living room. As I was walking slowly to the living room, I saw my own reflection on the sliding doors. Then all of a sudden, I saw a shadow figure in human form walked past behind me.

Remember the scene from Conjuring 2, where Lorraine saw the shadow of the demon nun walked slowly towards the painting? That scene is pretty similar to what I experienced, only in my situation, the shadowy figure walked past behind me.

I couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman but it was a shadow in human form.

I was completely shocked but I shrugged it off.


This incident took place in my bedroom and it was the last one I had so far.


I’ve always heard stories of my friends going through the “kena hempap” incident a.k.a sleep paralysis.

I couldn’t relate because I’ve never went through that kind of experience before.

Until it happened to me couple of months before.

I was half awake, half asleep. Then all of a sudden I felt something literally pushing down on my chest real hard.

And then I felt another push down my chest but this time, it was so hard to the point where I couldn’t breathe.

In my heart and mind, I screamed “Allahuakbar!” and then I immediately woke up.

I have never felt so helpless until that happened to me. I literally could not breathe when that thing pushed down on my chest.

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