Ain’t nobody got time to read these days – Here are 16 stories that are super short

A post by Moldova Cake.


  • She held the pair of baby booties close to her heart and broke down in tears.


  • She heard the door open then close, and that was the last time she ever saw him.


  • He felt like a great weight has been lifted off his shoulders.


  • He stepped off the ledge and he was finally free.


  • He picked up the knife and plunged it into her abdomen.
    Maybe this time she would stay down.


  • The clock chimed one for the 24th time that day.


  • She was asked to name the most beautiful thing in the world.
    She said his name.


  • She picked up her dog like a thousand times before, tentacles and all.


  • It’s not easy being green.


  • He worried that his legs were too short. She didn’t have any.


  • I tucked him into bed and he tells me, “Check for monsters under my bed please?”
    I looked under the bed and I see another him, whimpering, “There’s someone on my bed.”


  • I looked into the mirror and saw nothing but a wide grin. I have no mouth.


  • The scratching sound of the floorboards was eating away at me. Maybe they will stop when my fingernails are no more.


  • On the other hand, you have five fingers


  • I believe in change. Especially the ones I forge.


  • He looked amazing in this picture, probably the best one yet. Made reading the obituaries slightly more cheery.


  • And last but not least, a dedication to the editor:
    She lustfully licked the thighs and breasts that were paraded in front of her.
    It was KFC time.



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