We’re Letting You In On This Free Merdeka Countdown Concert Because We Like You

With Merdeka Day being around the corner and in the spirit of all things that are free (living things, nonliving things, entertainment dan lain-lain), some nice people we know are having a MAJOR countdown concert and admission is COMPLETELY FREE.


Gif: Gifer

From 9pm onwards on Aug. 30 (Thursday) the Sayangi Malaysiaku Countdown Concert 2018 promises a night to remember with a diverse list of over 20 Malaysian artistes including Resh, Ella, Fish Leong, Datuk Zainalabidin, Hani & Zue, a Hands Percussion group and more.

Thanks to our kawans at Union Works Asia Sdn. Bhd. and their partners, us frugal people would still get a chance to celebrate Merdeka right where it all began. The showcase guarantees a truly Malaysian experience with performers of different races coming together to celebrate Malaysia’s 61st birthday.

And just in case you’re feeling extra…festive, you can also purchase these limited-edition “Proud to be Malaysian” on Shopee for you and your buds (non-Malaysian also can wear, we Malaysians sayang everyone #unity).


So if you haven’t got plans for Merdeka eve but still down on having a good time AND saving dat ca$h, head on down to Dataran Merdeka on Aug. 30!

mask gif tenor

Gif: Tenor

No, seriously. Get out of the house. It beats staying in and mindlessly watching story after story of people you barely talk to in real life on Instagram.

For more information on the Sayangi Malaysiaku Countdown Concert 2018, access here or follow #SayangiMY2018 and #ProudtobeMalaysian for updates.

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