A Prayer Company, And Sightings On A Tree

By Irnita Solehan. The sixth and and seventh story. In case you’re curious, read the first one here.


I remember one night when there was a blackout at our house.

I woke up because it was too hot and I realized it was already 12:00AM. It was so dark but thank God my mom lit up a candle and placed it in front of the bathroom so that the light from the candle could illuminate every corner of the rooms upstairs.

I went to the bathroom to take my wudhu’ for my solat Isyak. I went inside my sister’s room and left the room door open so that it wouldn’t be too dark.

While I was praying, I heard someone heading towards the room that I was in. I could hear the sound of track pants.

I assumed it was my brother so I just ignored it.

While I was in my sujud position, I literally heard someone closing the bedroom door shut. So I continued with my prayer in total darkness because the room was pitch black.

After I was done praying, I went downstairs and asked my mom if my brother went upstairs:

“Ma, tadi Adi ada naik atas ke?”

“Tak la. Adi dari tadi pusing-pusing Taman Desa Minang ni naik basikal. Kenapa?”

“Sebab tadi masa Nita tengah solat, dengar bunyi macam ada orang datang ke arah bilik Uni Irna. Bunyi macam seluar track. Lepas tu ada orang tutup pintu bilik tu masa Nita tengah solat”.

If it wasn’t my brother, then who the bloody hell was upstairs and closed the bedroom door while I was praying?


As for seeing ghosts…

I’ve only seen them like 3 times.

This was near an office area, around the Lake Garden. I can’t remember the name of the place.

My dad was trying to search for this government office near Lake Garden, so we drove around that area to check it out.

My dad went into the wrong direction so we had to reverse and return back to the right direction. While my dad was reversing the car, I looked back to the empty street and in the far distance, I saw something white (similar to a Pocong) hanging from a tree.

I thought I was seeing things but I wasn’t.


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Photo courtesy of Pexels.

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