Hot & Steamy

It was a dance we’ve been on forever,
Teasing, flirting but I’ve always resisted.

I got so excited just from her ‘perfume’,
And I swore she whispered I was the tiger she wanted to tame.

“Take me daddy” she dripped,
“I want you to strip me down and have your way with me”.

I quivered,
What came next was a blur.

With my hands I grabbed her,
Roughly dragged her to a secluded alleyway.

I needed her now,
My desire for her refuses to be placated no longer.  

Her gaze met mine,
Barely a peep, scantily resisting.

She said nothing but I knew,
I knew her loins were moist and ready.

Pressed my nose against her skin,
I took in her aroma with long drawn breaths.

They say illusions never changed into something real,
Yet I feel her warmth on my fingertips.

I wanted her so badly,
Yet savour this moment I must. It has been far too long.

Slowly I tugged away,
With knowing & deft fingers I move.

Gently pinching with my thumb & forefinger,
Deliberately I peeled away her outermost layer.

Enough of teasing,
Enough of play.

She loves it when I grab her with conviction,
And that I shall do.

Firmly my thumbs lay on her belly,
Is that a quiver or a tremble I feel?

I bite my lower lip and readied myself,
Steadying my grip I went for it.

I ripped her in half,
Then bit into her innards.

She is still hot & steamy,
She is still savoury & moist.

Oh how I have longed,
For this char siew bun.

You are finally mine.


This post was submitted by Moldova Cake, in an attempt to cheer up those who are feeling low, and to augment feel-good vibes. Moldova Cake named it “Shitty Poetry”, but we don’t think so. We had a laugh. Thanks Moldova Cake!


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