Watch This Cute Guy Narrate The Top 10 Malaysian Urban Legends

In the same spirit of our weekly #ThursdayThriller and #TakutThursday posts, sent in by all you lovely people (who have been scared shitless, based on your experiences), we managed to find this video of a cute white guy narrating some of the best and well-known urban legends in Malaysia.

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Not too sure about the way he pronounced ‘langsuir’ or ‘lang suyar’ (according to him, what do you think?), but that’s OK, his face makes up for that momentary lapse of judgment. I mean, we Malaysians, we love our Ang Mohs (isn’t it a trend these days, to get a white boy boyfriend? Someone please write in and tell us why, or why we should, and why we shouldn’t).

What we also love is our thrilling history, filled with urban legends.

Now, watch this Ang Moh narrate some of the ones you’ve probably already heard of – or not. It’s the best of both worlds!

Happy watching!

Sauce: MostAmazingTop10

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