My ‘Pendamping’ Incidents

By Irnita Solehan. The fourth and and fifth story. Six more to follow. In case you’re curious, read the first one here.


This next one is a bit creepy because it affected my two other friends.


Alright, so our dorm is located on the 3rd floor so sometimes it gets pretty hot at night especially for those who are sleeping on the top part of the bunk bed. So my friends and I decided to get our mattresses and lay them in the middle of the floor so that it won’t be too hot to sleep. It was me, Syida, Erin and Jwa.

So the sleeping position from left to right was:

Syida, Me, Erin and Jwa.

One night, one of my friends Dila who was sleeping in her bunk bed suddenly woke up in the middle of the night because she heard “me” talking so loudly. She woke up, turned around and saw “me” sitting up right dengan kaki bersila and talking to “someone”.

What Dila saw from left to right was:

Syida sleeping, “someone” sleeping next to Syida, “me” sitting up and talking to someone in front of “me”, Erin sleeping and Jwa sleeping.

The problem was…


So that “someone” that she saw sleeping next to Syida was actually the real me.

And that “Nita” that she saw talking to someone else was actually…



My friend Erin who was sleeping next to me also woke up due to hearing me talking so loudly. She said she didn’t really see “me” but the voice was crystal clear and she said it was “my” voice. So she assumed it was me all along but it wasn’t.

So the next day, Erin came up to me and asked if I woke up and talk to her for a bit in the middle of the night. I said I didn’t because I was pretty much fast asleep. The shock and terrified look on her face was pretty clear. For the whole day she avoided me and won’t talk to me at all because she was so terrified of what happened the night before.

3 of my friends saw “something” that looked EXACTLY like me.

Creepy much?


So this story is still around the same time that I was in CFS UIA Nilai.

This time it was during our semester break.

So the day before the semester break, everyone had already gone home for the holidays for a week.

My friend Hawa lived in Terengganu so she had to stay overnight at our dorm before leaving for Terengganu the next day. I knew she was a bit of a scaredy cat so I offered to stay with her for the night and told my mom that I would be going home the next day.

It was night time, so Hawa and I decided to watch a movie. She fell asleep during the movie so I decided to go wash my clothes for a bit. It was already late at night and no one else was there except just the two of us. After I finished doing my laundry, I went to the toilet. Alright, so our bathroom consists of four showers and two toilets. I went to the toilet on the right. While I was in the toilet, I heard someone entering the bathroom area. I legit heard the sound of slippers flapping against the bathroom floor.


I heard someone entering the toilet on the left but I never heard anyone leaving it. I thought it might be Hawa. So afterwards I went back inside our dorm to check on her and she was fast sleep, even her sleeping position hasn’t changed. By that time, I already knew it was something supernatural that was messing with me so I just let it be.

Around 1:00AM or 2:00AM, I went back inside the bathroom, went to shower #4 to wring my washed clothes because shower #4 has a larger space than the others. Then I heard it again. The sound of someone entering the bathroom area.


I heard someone entering the toilet on the left again but never heard anyone leaving it.

In my head, I was like:

“Ikut suka kau la. Aku malas nak layan.”

So the next day, I asked Hawa if she ever went to the bathroom the night before and she told me she never did. I told her everything that had happened and you know what she said?

“Nita, kita berdua je ada kat tingkat 3 ni semalam. Semua orang dah balik dah, termasuk yang dari dorm lain. Kalau tak percaya, pergi la check semua dorm.”

So I did. I went to each dorm from Dorm 1 to 5. Each dorm was already locked. Then who the heck went inside our dorm bathroom that night? Bunyi orang masuk, tapi tak ada bunyi orang keluar.

I went to see an Ustaz after those incidents in CFS UIA Nilai.

The Ustaz looked at me and said that he couldn’t detect anything wrong with me. However, he did say this:

“Selalunya benda yang menyerupai kita ni, benda tu nak jadi pendamping. Dia nak jadi kawan tapi selagi kita tak kacau dia, dia takkan kacau kita.”

“Yang awak ni pun satu… yang pandai sangat cuci baju tengah-tengah malam tu kenapa?”

I got lectured by the Ustaz LOL.

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