My Hijab, And My Doppelgänger

By Irnita Solehan. The second and third story. Six more to follow. In case you’re curious, read the first one here.


So the next ghost story happened in 2007/2008.


I was in school, in my classroom, talking to my friends.

I wore the hijab to school. The weather was quite hot so I basically fanned myself using my hijab.

Then all of a sudden, my friend asked me:

“Nita, Nita memang lepaskan rambut ke dalam tudung?” 
“Eh, tak la. Nita kalau pakai tudung, Nita pakai anak tudung yg tutup kepala habis tu. Kenapa, Nad?”

“Takde la. Tadi masa Nita kibas-kibaskan tudung Nita, Nad nampak macam ada rambut panjang kat dalam tudung Nita, kat bahu Nita.”

I always wear a full covered anak tudung whenever I wear my hijab to school. So it was quite weird when my friend said she saw long hair on my shoulder.


Forward to 2009… where the freaky, creepy stuff started.
I started my foundation studies at Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) in International Islamic University Malaysia or UIA for short. This happened back in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. My friends and I lived in a dorm with about 20 other girls.


The dorms in our block were pretty much connected to one another so you basically can just walk through the halls to get to the other dorms. It’s like a long hallway. The only dorm that was separated from other dorms was Dorm 7, Block D. They somehow shut it off from all the other dorms and left it completely empty.


At the time, I just arrived in CFS UIA Nilai from home (I went back home for a the week at the time).


Before going up to the dorm, I had dinner first with my family. Then all of a sudden, my friend Pokka called me and asked if I could buy her a big bottle of mineral water. I said okay but was a bit weirded out because she could have just easily asked the other girls to buy it for her.


After dinner, I went straight up to my dorm and my friend Pokka was shocked to see me.


“Nita, bukan Nita baru turun ke?”
“Tak la Pokka. Nita baru je sampai and baru naik ni. Kenapa?”
“Takde la. Tadi Pokka nampak Nita pakai baju putih and tengah cakap-cakap dengan Jwa atas tilam tu, lepas tu korang turun bawah. Sebab tu Pokka minta Nita tolong belikan air mineral tu”.
“Pokka… Nita baru je naik ni”.


I got chills when she told me that.

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Photo courtesy of The Independent UK.

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