Let Me Break Down The Stages Of A Relationship For You

What’s next? 

What’s next!? What’s next!? Commitment!? Really????

Now, whatever that I am about to break down and define are purely based on my opinion, past relationship experiences and observations through other people’s relationships. Therefore, it might not be applicable to some of you. I’m going to carry on any way.

If you have friends, families, relatives etc that you can relate to the stages below, you will probably know what I am talking about.

The Hunt


So studies have shown that a crush lasts for an average of four months. If feelings persist beyond that, one is considered to be “in love”. If it “dies” before or by that, then you know already that it’s just a crush or lust. Now, such statistics sound too accurate for something as elusive as love.

To examine this ‘fact’ more closely: look at women, they tend to fall in love gradually, and generally take longer than men. Men tend to fall in love at the initial stages of an encounter or not at all.



Now that you have fallen in love, an average “in love” relationship takes 2-3 years to last, on average. Once you have surpassed that particular stage – beyond your third – then know what’s next… you’re ready for commitment!!!!!!  Woohooo…!!! Here comes the…

*church wedding bells*

*kompang sounds*

*trumpet and tabla sounds*

*heng dai games*



This is based on my personal experiences – not that I am a married person myself (ha ha) – and by observations. It’s seriously applicable to the current society in which we live now. Most marriages last up to 7 years. Some married couples either get divorced or separated by or before that. Once you’ve surpassed that 7th year mark, then you’ll qualify for that happily ever after tag line.

I am not sure how it is done, but it depends on how the married couples strengthen their bond or spice up their sex life. Some indulge themselves in swinging lifestyles (some couples I know do this). Some live their corporate way of scheduling their cherished time together whenever they have the chance to do so. But all this is made possible with mostly pure love and commitment, of course.

So here you have it, my simple table “formula” of what’s next in life.

The percentage of accuracy on these facts above has been 70-80% for me. What about you….?

Crush / Lust

3-4 months


2-3 years


1-7 years

Divorce / Happily Ever After 

By or before 7th year, or beyond

This post was written by Charles David. Roaming the streets with his beard, Sarong and Camera, feel free to bug this karat fella on Instagram at @macha_travels. Stay tuned for his next article in “The 7 Stages of Relationships!”


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