My First Encounter With Something Supernatural

by Irnita Solehan. One of nine to follow.


This was my first time ever experiencing with something supernatural. It was back in 2002 and I was living in Kuala Terengganu.

My family and I lived in a rental house. So my room is quite decent in size with a small balcony outside that could only fit one person. One night, while I was cleaning up my room, out of nowhere I suddenly heard someone whispering and calling out my name oh-so-softly or “sayup-sayup” what Malays would call it.

It was a woman’s voice.

The voice went:

“Nitaaaaaaaa~… Nitaaaaaaa~… hee… hee hee hee hee hee~…”

I thought it was one of my sisters but they were outside my room watching TV. The voice that was calling out my name was coming from outside my window. There was no way that could have been my sisters. I wanted to open the curtains so badly but my gut told me not to, so I didn’t.

They say that if something calls out your name loudly, that means it’s far. But if it calls out your name slowly and softly, that means it’s near.

My mom experienced something weird as well at the same house. She was home alone, cooking in the kitchen when suddenly she heard a loud “BANG!” coming from upstairs.

It sounded like all the bedroom doors upstairs were closed tight because she literally heard all the doors locking by itself. She quickly went upstairs to check on all the rooms. What she found was that all the bedroom doors were wide open. She became pissed off about it and shouted, “KELUAR LA. INGAT AKU TAKUT DENGAN KAU KE?!

So the next day, our neighbour asked my mom if there was anything weird with the house and she asked, “Kenapa? Ada hantu ke?”

So the neighbour told her that the previous tenant of the house saw a woman standing on the staircase.


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Photo courtesy of Fairmont Banff Springs.


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