This Instagram Account Went Viral For Busting Personalities Wearing Knock-Offs and It’s One of The Most Toxic Things I’ve Ever Seen

Lately, Instagram’s been in kind of an uproar over @streetwearbustamy  – an account dedicated to publicly outing celebrities, personalities and influencers for wearing counterfeit luxury streetwear in the name of “ethics”.

According to @streetwearbustamy, they’re all for “making street wear great again” (whatever that means  and upholding the intellectual property and hard work of fashion powerhouses by shaming celebs and influencers flexing their fake Guccis and Vetements. Celebrities like Emma Maembong, Fathia Latiff, Aiman Tino and more are victims of the social media account.

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I’m not sure if you’re buying what they’re selling, but I’m calling these “vigilantes” out on their bullsh*t. Mostly because I fail to see past their act of “good-will”.

First and foremost, let’s all just acknowledge that social media is toxic enough as it is. It’s basically a platform for everyone to flaunt and mask their insecurities with aesthetically curated feeds, creating a whole army of people who aren’t about real moments anymore, just a whole lotta flex. And it is a sad sad sight to see the value of people being reduced to the labels they wear.

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@streetwearbustamy claims that they’re doing this to make sure that people place importance on buying the original stuff because a lot of shady things happen behind the scenes of counterfeit products. But are we just going to sweep away the fact that a lot of shady things also happen behind the not-so comforting embraces of luxury labels? Do you actually believe that the big labels and high prices come with a guarantee of ethics?


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Even Burberry closed factories in Britain in 2007 and relocated manufacturing to China simply because it’s cheaper. Who cares about how little factory workers are being paid when they’re making at least £1.5m a year more in profit?

Over 89,100 people on Instagram (the amount of people following @streetwearbustamy, sadly) may call me party-pooper for running my mouth (or fingers) about this. That’s fine by me because I don’t feel like this public shaming of people is at all necessary. I mean, where were these “vigilantes” when local brands were ripping designs and lipstick ideas off each other? If they’re all about ethics, why aren’t they going after celebs selling unregulated beauty supplements or whitening pills that would DEFINITELY cause severe damages?

I fail to see how this is a public service when they go to such-lengths like spying on this person in luxury boutiques, telling everyone how this person was basically just in there taking pictures and not buying anything. What 👏 is 👏 the 👏 f*cking 👏 point?

It’s also very appalling to see that this little haven for cyber bullies have gotten so much attention. Almost 90,000 people are following @streetwearbustamy (before the account got taken down by Instagram), and that’s very telling of how much people care about what other people put on their backs. Not that it’s any of their businesses.

It may seem a little obsessive, me venting about a social media account that’s basically feeding everyone garbage, but I’m standing my ground and I’m kinda glad that @streetwearbustamy is no longer on Instagram…for now (they’re back up at @streetwearbustamymalaysia, much to my dismay.) I’m a staunch believer of not reducing people to the labels they wear, not when everyone’s got so much more to offer.

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My advice? Stop empowering these pricks! Let people wear whatever the f*ck they want because at the end of the day, everyone’s just trying to do their god-damned best. God knows we’ve got enough petty things on the internet to last us 100 lifetimes.


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