The Gift

Every new day begins like a quiet secret I am offered to be in privy of. Quiet, serene and as dark as the mystery of the night but so full of promise. A promise that reveals itself from shades of dark to light. The moon surrenders to the brightness of the sun, shining unabashedly but never in a hurry to wake all it oversees from sleep. Yet always on time.

Always quiet.

Enough to move me to tears from its beauty. I take the time to make some self-reflection. Then I close my eyes and thank a Higher Power for the beauty that has graced me today. The rush of water in the bathroom is a pleasant reminder of abundance, as there are people in different places that struggle with such a precious and essential commodity. The sun shines bright, my stained glass bathroom window shows me.

Down the stairs, the smell of eggs and sausages. Amma and Appa beam at me as I approach them in the dining room. My brother appears shortly after we make some fun ribs at one another. We have a simple yet meaningful meal together. There is no special occasion.

Just a beautiful gift of a new day and the sanctity of family.

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