How I Keep My White Shoes White In 5 Steps

Years ago, what you buy and put on your feet didn’t matter. The main objective of buying shoes was to protect your feet. However, the shoe industry evolved over time and somehow, it became a symbol of your personal preference.

It’s the same with how people would judge an individual’s smartphone.

Adidas or Nike? Puma or Reebok? Off-White or Balenciaga? Vans or Gucci?

No matter what, shoes aren’t just what you wear on your feet. It’s your identity. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 9.57.01 AMpic: FILA


However, it all comes down to how you perceive them. Shoes cost money and as we all know, money doesn’t grow on trees. For a cheapskate like me, I’ll go to great lengths to preserve what I know I would not be able to afford again. If you’re born with a silver spoon shoved straight into your mouth, then I’m sure this article won’t suit you. 

OK, rude jokes/dissing/jealousy aside…

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 9.58.27 AMpic: Hybae


… how does one take care of their precious sneakers? I get that question a lot, especially when I’m wearing my white sneakers. Since I’m a white sneaker enthusiast, I dare admit I do know a thing or two, in fact several, about keeping ‘em brilliantly white. I’m going to share with you guys how to take care of your white sneakers, preventing them from yellowing, etc. After these steps, I’m sure you guys will thank me.

1. Brush & Powder Detergent

If you search on Google, Yahoo, Firefox and etc, there are lots of chemicals and utensils you need to clean white sneakers. All these to prevent the white from turning yellow. To be honest, the simplest things actually get things done. All you need are a brush and powder detergent. Forget toothpaste and other shoe whitening chemicals as they’ll guarantee to bleach out the whiteness of your sneakers. You don’t know what chemicals they put in the toothpaste and shoe whitening products that will react to your sneakers. So, a simple brush and powder detergent will do. 

Choose a soft bristle brush instead of the harsh ones especially those made of plastic to prevent tugging against your sneaker’s fabric. Pic: Amazon

2. Take Off The Laces

Before you wash your dirty sneakers (both white and black), make sure to ALWAYS take off the laces from your shoes. This is so that you’re not tugging the laces’ fabric about. You don’t want a bushy shoelace, right? Also, you gotta wash your shoe’s tongue as well. 

Shoe_Lace_FinalRemember, shoelaces are part of the shoes too. Pic: Shopify 

3. Quick Rinse and Brush Gently

Fill a pail with water and powder detergent (with a ratio of 2:1). This is where you need to be fast and gentle. Rinse your shoes quickly and gently brush your shoes. Why, you ask? First to prevent the soap from washing off the glue and also to prevent from tugging your shoe’s fabric. If your shoes are made of materials other than fabric, you can then brush harder. 

giphyPretend you are brushing this fox.

4. Wrap

This is actually the crucial part to prevent your white sneakers from turning yellow. Correct me if I’m wrong, I have come to a realisation that the water causes our white sneakers to turn yellow. When it’s wet and slowly drying, the evaporating water will leave water marks on the shoes. Well that’s my thesis on this. But what exactly keeps my sneakers white? The investment of a kitchen towel or tissue papers just for white kicks. Wrap the freshly-washed shoes with tissues to stop water marks from forming on your sneakers.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 10.12.10 AMExactly like this. Pic: Dreamstime

5. Patience is a virtue

White sneakers, in my opinion need time to dry. Don’t rush the drying time. I usually leave them out and under the shade for three days to dry. I also advise you guys not to dry your white sneakers directly under the sun. The aim is the warmth, not the heat. 


I have been doing this trick every time I wash my white sneakers and I think these tricks will help you guys out there who are struggling to keep your shoes white. But white sneakers are things and they are meant to wear off over time. And don’t forget, don’t fret about washing them each time you wear them. Do it only once a month. 

May you have white, pearly kicks always.

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Cover image courtesy of Pexels.


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