I Think This Malaysian Hip-Hop Group Is Pretty Good – Here Are 4 Songs To Prove It

Quick, think about the hip hop scene in Malaysia. Most of you grimace, scoff or even roll your eyes. Some of you don’t even know it even exists, no? Well, to be fair, I did all of that at the same time (in that order), until I came across Mass Music. I ain’t gon’ lie, my expectations were not that great (sadly – I think I need to turn up the ‘I support local stuff’ spirit in me). However, Wai Ming Yue, Ilyas Abir, Alan Durairaj and Paw changed my mind …

A couple of weeks ago, I had been stalking their SoundCloud page, and honestly, I liked it. In fact, I liked it so much I stalked them some more, and found that they are going to perform at the year’s biggest indie concert event – Good Vibes Festival. That’s performing alongside big names such as Lorde, Honne, Majid Jordan and … well, check out the full line up yourself at the site, but that’s something amazing!

Whilst I’m all happy for them and stuff, they’re also releasing their second album – MassMusic Vol. 1 – the first series of a collection of musical themes. It depicts a dark and playful mood, written at a period of time when the band was feeling emotional but in control at the same time, embracing the immorality in relationships, destructive habits and a toxic proclamation towards love.

Sounds heavy, huh?

Wait till you hear these tracks from the new album… which I’m going to show you here as they drop it today. These are, evidently, favourites I have chosen based on my tastes but give it a shot. You just never know.

1. “Please”


2. “She Knows It”


Honorary Mentions (not in the new album but falls under my favourites section)

3. “Rindu”


4. “Shawty”



You’d be impressed to find that all aspects of production are handled by the group, and as Ming tells me, their team members are 1Malaysia … They’ve secured more than a few gigs aside from Good Vibes Festival, such as performing at the Island Music Festival, Le Noir, Chunky Pre Experience, Soundstruck, House of VANS, Zouk and Alexis. If you’re lucky enough to catch them performing, be sure to say hello!

For me, I just can’t wait until they make it real big. Until then, I wish them all the best and hope that they can continue producing good music for me to vibe to. By the way, did I mention that the music would make a fine addition to your workplace playlist? Especially in high-tension fields/jobs. Just sayin’.

In the mean time, here’s how you can stalk them too:

Instagram: MassMusicMass

Facebook: MassMusicMass

Spotify: MassMusic

YouTube: MassMusic

Soundcloud: MassMusicMass


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Cover photo is courtesy of 2cents.my.

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