[UPDATE] #BabyMamaDrama: Joey G Calls Out Patricia K on Instagram

We’re sure everyone’s heard/seen/know about celebrity couple Patricia Knudsen and Joey G and their gorgeous 2 year old daughter Sophia and their seemingly perfect life…until recently, that is.

After about 10 years of being together, both personalities started posting a lot less content (than we’re used to) of each other over the past few months or so. Even Pat’s stopped vlogging so much about her life with Joey so we figured that some shit must’ve went down. And it did #BabyMamaDrama.

Earlier today, DJ and TV personality Joey G released a flurry of instastory posts targeting ex-girlfriend and baby mama Patricia Knudsen after she allegedly claimed that she was filing kidnapping charges against Joey. According to Joey’s posts, it seems like the fight stemmed from a heated argument involving Pat wanting to introduce 2-year-old Sophia to her new (and very hot) man:

So far, Patricia hasnt’ responded to Joey’s claims on social media, except for this repost of Daphne Iking’s Instagram post highlighting the negative consequences of pitting children against any parent after a breakup/divorce:

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-05 at 10.03.11

It’s not surprising to see Joey G coming at Pat K on social media, especially when you consider the fact that they have a history of pretty public tiffs. But this felt deeper than most issues they’ve aired out in public. This thread of comments found on one of Pat K’s Instagram posts seems to highlight Joey’s allegedly abusive behavior.

Patricia is still keeping sort of mum about the whole issue for now, understandably. We’re still not quite sure of what actually happened between them or how did things get so ugly so fast. However, we do hope that Pat K and Joey G will reach to a conclusion that benefits Sophia the most. No child should ever have to choose between a mother or a father unless absolutely necessary.

TBH we’re kind of upset that Pat and Joey called it quits – at one point, they were one of Malaysia’s A-list celebrity couples and it’s no doubt that they look amazing together. But alas, life is deeper than whatever anyone posts on social media.

What do you think of the whole Joey G and Pat K drama? Sound off in comments!

*Featured image: YouTube Screenshot (#Drama (VLOG 12) | Patricia K

UPDATE: 6TH JULY 2018, 10.10PM

Okay guys, shit is really going down with the #BabyMamaDrama between Joey G and Patricia K. The former released a series of instagram stories just a little over half an hour ago and these are the meats of the matter:

1. He spoke of how Patricia cheated on him more than 5 times

2. Patricia threw their child, Sophia, on the floor screaming about how she didn’t want to be a mother.

3. Patricia once texted the head of Zalora about throwing a girl out of some guy’s bed, so she could get into it.

4. They broke up because Patricia left Sophia to almost drown in Bali, where she left her with a stranger and went off.

5. Then, he went fucking mental and admitted to screaming at her and grabbing her.

We’ve made things easier to watch:

Stick with us for more updates, or head on over to his IG to catch the drama for yourself!

UPDATE: 6TH JULY 2018, 10.40PM

Meanwhile… This is what came out from Patricia:

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2 thoughts on “[UPDATE] #BabyMamaDrama: Joey G Calls Out Patricia K on Instagram

  1. Both Pat and Daphne needs to be flogged publicly for being useless disloyal cunts. Same story another day. Whats new


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