(R/18+) The First Student I Slept With (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

On her back with her legs spread apart as far as they could go.

On her hands and knees while I hit it from behind, so my hands could grab onto her thick ass cheeks, her waist.

Her hair, bunched up in my left fist to maintain control while I thrusted myself deep into her.

On her back, but with her legs up in the air, my arms wrapped around them to keep them straight. And then just to switch things up, I’d push her outstretched legs to the side while her back was still on the bed, so I could quite literally ‘fuck her sideways’.

I lost track of time, but I knew that there was no telling how often this situation would happen, if it even happened again at all. I knew that at some point we would walk out the hotel room’s door back into the real world, so while we were contained behind it I would use her body through and through.

To me, that usually means more than just being inside someone.

With tits as big as hers, that afforded me another option: giving her rug burn on her back as I dragged her to the bedroom floor and instructed her to squeeze her tits together so I could fuck them.

Her smile, which til today I maintain is still one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen, always melts my heart. She never smiled harder than whenever I was doing nasty shit like this to her body, when I took ownership over it and used it for my own satisfaction. In split-second moments while I was on top of her, on the floor with my cock buried between her juicy tits, I realised that her smile was the cherry on top of this entire experience.

I smiled to myself as I realised this.

And then I bent down closer to her chest and spit right between her breasts.

Sir needed some lubrication.

She gasped out loud. She smiled. I held her hands with mine as they pushed her tits together. I started thrusting.

Slowly at first.

Then I started building into a rhythm.

I started moaning. She started groaning.

I started thrusting harder. Faster. To the point that I was slowly losing myself again, slowly drowning in the sensations coming up my spine. Everything felt so fucking good I could no longer think of anything else except for my cock and her tits.

I knew that it was time to pull the trigger.

“UP”, I growled, as I walked towards another side of the bed directly under one of the bright ceiling lights. I knew what was going to happen, and I wanted to see it as clearly as possible; I am both a visual and aural creature, I can’t cum without seeing AND hearing what’s going on.

Girl got on her knees and started sucking, started diving right in and licking my balls from every angle. I didn’t have to tell her what was about the happen, it was clear that she knew judging by her sudden eagerness to swallow me whole.

I bent down, holding her face with both of my hands so I could kiss her and give her one final instruction.

“Do not swallow.”

Confused at first, but she played along. I had one final surprise in mind. She just kept sucking and jerking, working hard for the prize that she had earned after all our hard work together.

But frustration grew on her face. She was learning the hard way that I was a late cummer, and I’ll admit, I enjoyed seeing her get frustrated and grumble “Why won’t you cum?”

She still kept at it though, never gave up, put even more effort into it using all of her tools at her disposal: her mouth, her hands, her tongue, her spit. The same sort of work ethic that earned her high marks in all of my assignments.

Soon, it paid off.

“Open your mouth” I said, this time with a sense of urgency in my voice that signalled to her that this was it. Not only did her mouth open but she flattened her tongue, presumably to create a clear line of fire for my cock.

I took over the jerking with my right hand, while my left grabbed her head to keep it right where I needed it.

Cursing so hard, my groans grew louder until I finally shot out that first rope of cum straight into her mouth; must’ve hit the back of her throat judging by how hard she gagged. Some of that cum and her spit kicked back out of her mouth but she didn’t bother trying to catch it (I swear to god this girl is messy in all the right ways, I might catch feelings).

Then came the subsequent ropes of cum; one right across her lips, one on her cheek right under her left eye. I wanted to milk as much of it out of my cock as I could, because in a split second after I was convinced I was empty,

and I do mean in a split second while everything was in slow motion and she was still savouring getting hit in the face with so much cum,

I dropped to my knees.

I held her face with both hands.

And I pressed my lips against hers.

We took our time kissing each other, sharing every drop of what we had worked so hard to get out of me.

-The End-

For Part 1, click here.

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