F*cked! Episode 2: My Slave Almost Killed Me

A post by Farosha Shah.

OMG you guys! My first episode received 100+ clicks; wow! Thanks for the love and support. You guys are just amazing-lah!

This next episode could possibly be the most controversial story I have yet and I need to get this story out as soon as possible so that more girls can learn the moral of this story (which is also the story’s owner’s wish). So here goes the second episode of this series.

Ahhh… sitting in front of me was this beautiful, strong woman. Since I’ve known her, I have always admired her style, her looks and her “don’t give a fuck” attitude. We don’t hang out often (once every couple of years since she is in Perak and I am in KL, plus she travels a lot); but she is my “ride or die” bitch. We hold each other’s secrets like a vault, we have a specific set of instructions on what to do upon each other’s deaths and we know that whatever happens or how bad things turn out to be, we got each other’s back.

We were having dinner and she blurted out:

“My slave almost killed me!”

I almost choked on the food that I ate. I know she is into this “femdom” thing, but she has always been cautious. “What the fuck happened?” I asked almost at the verge of shouting; dropping my fork and spoon on the plate so loudly that other people at other tables were looking at us.


She then told me her story…

She found this guy on one of those websites. He was looking for a female dominatrix. So, she responded and they both exchanged contact information. She told him her terms and emphasised that there will not be any sexual acts involved. It is all about obeying the master (her) and fulfilling the slave’s fetishes – which in this case involves dog leashes, asphyxiation (which she said no to) and embarrassing acts. He agreed to all the terms and will bear all the cost involved in making the session happen.

His name is Rohan. Drives a Ferarri. A doctor who lives in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Both parents are multi-millionaires and the session was going to take place in one of his spare houses in Bandar Baru Tambun, Ipoh. Those are the details he gave her because we believe this is his M.O – talking big about himself.


At the agreed time and date, she went to his spare house, parked her car in front, grabbed her bag of toys and made her way to this abandoned-like house.

As she pushed the door opened, she could smell this strong Vodka odour filling the room. It was then she knew that something was not right. It was her guts already asking her to turn around. Her mind was telling her she might be in trouble. But noooooooo, she kept walking in anyway. (this bitch ah, sheesh *rolling eyes*)

On the reclining chair, laid this naked, belly-protruding, glasses-wearing mid-30s man with an almost-empty Vodka bottle beside him. He looked drunk and lifeless. She quickly took out her dog leash (which belongs to her dog Rocky, by the way) and put the dog collar around his neck, started to torture him and verbally abuse and embarrass him. This happened within 15 minutes after she walked into the house – she knew she had to be quick; she didn’t like what she saw or how she felt, she hated the house and she just wanted it all to be over.

And all of a sudden, without warning, this 5’6” chubby man just got up and pushed her against the wall with his right arm on her neck; crushing her throat.

“What are you doing?!”  she asked in shock, while grasping for air.

“Who do you think you are, you bitch! How dare you embarrass me like that! Do you know how rich I am?! Do you know what car I drive?! Do you know how big my house is?!” he screamed, while his right arm pushed her throat harder and harder against the wall, while his left hand releasing the leash on his neck.

“You are choking me! This is not part of the deal!” – in her mind she knew she was fucked! What has she gotten herself into? She did not tell anyone her whereabouts and just prayed that even if she died that night, let her body found in a non-embarrassing way.

“YOU BITCH!” he screamed as he picked up her tiny body and flung her onto the long couch.


(“Seriously babe; I was flying. That fat asshole was damn strong!” – she giggled as she paused from telling me the story. Aiyooo this bitch. Making joke pulak. Aku dah nervous ni!)



On the couch, she landed face down and this asshole jumped on her back; immediately locking her neck with his hairy arms just like the moves you see on WWF.

“I will take you to your grave tonight!” he laughed as the grips got tighter without a single ounce of mercy.

She knew she was fucked. There were times where she felt like she was going to black out. She wiggled her body little by little from the head lock and managed to find a comfortable position to breathe and then, she saw an opportunity to bite his right arm.


“What else babe! With all the strength left in me, I bit that asshole good! Haaahaha!”

(Here I was, watching her laugh proudly and felt like slapping the shit out of her. How can she laugh about this matter? My heart was beating so fast and I had so much anger in me. How can someone be this evil? Torturing a girl? You fucking bastard! Fuck you!)

“Did it work? Did he let you go?” I asked her impatiently, hoping that will be the end of her story.

“NOPE! It made him madder!” she said smiling. (Fucking hell, there was more to this torture?)


She tried to get up and head to the door; but he managed to grabbed her and pushed her back onto the couch. This time, she was facing up and this naked dude sat on top of her, holding both of her arms with his left hand.


She did bite him good. His arms were bleeding and her teeth marks were prominent.


PANG! He slapped her left cheek.

PANG! He slapped her right cheek.


PANG! Another slap on her rosy cheek.


12 slaps. 12 hard slaps on her cheeks that night. She took her phone, opened her Photo Gallery and handed it to me.

“See my pictures from that night” she said to me.

(Fuck. Blue-black mark on her cheeks. Swollen black left eye. Busted and bleeding lips. I started to tear up as I scrolled to the right, looking at the next picture and the next.)


She knew she needed to find a way to make him stop, so she uttered to him:

“That wound looks very bad and this house is dirty. You have to wash it before it gets infected; else it will leave scars on your arms and everyone will see it forever” she said to him calmly.

He stopped and looked at his right arm. Muttered the words “you bitch” and slowly got up.

Without a second to spare, she got up, ran towards the door and into the yard, leaving all her belongings inside the house. Her action startled him. He tried to follow her to the yard but he was naked with his private parts exposed. So he just stood at the door and laughed at her while shouting;

“Good luck in getting your stuff back! Hahahhaa!”

She started screaming for help hoping that the adjacent neighbours could hear her. She knew if she got the neighbours attention, she will be saved.

“Stop shouting! You are going to get me in trouble!” he panicked.

“Fuck you! Give me my stuff back or I will knock on their doors!”.

He went back inside, came out with her stuff – her Gucci bag, her jacket and her heels. With a mad look on his face, he threw all the stuff out the door.

“Fuck you asshole!” she screamed to him while grabbing her things and putting her jacket on. Mustering all the strength left in her, she headed to her car and drove away.


“That’s it? You didn’t report to the police?!” I asked.

“And say what? I am a dominatrix and my supposedly slave has tortured me? Do you think our law covers that? Malaysian law? Hahaha. They might even blamed me for all this! I bet after they file my report and take pictures of my busted face, they will probably distribute it amongst their friends! Plus, I do not want them to involve my family. They cannot know about this night!”

“Hurmmmm….you are right. I am glad you OK though. But promise me next time before going to one of your playdates, you will let me know?”

“I know babe, I was reckless. I will be safer next time. That was the scariest 30 minutes of my life. It was just 30 minutes but it felt like forever. I was sure I was going to die that night. Had flashbacks of my parents’ face, my siblings, my friends, my dogs. Ahhh, what a hell of a night it was.”

“It surely was babe, it surely was. Eh wait, did he even drive a Ferarri though?”

“Nope! He drives a fucking MYVI! Hahahaha.”

We both burst into laughter and all of sudden, things didn’t seem so bad anymore. Because whatever shitty things happen; we know we have each other and promise never to make the same mistake again.


To read the first episode of the F*cked series called “STD, U & ME”, click here.

A little bit about the author

Farosha Shah is a body positivity advocate that likes to make fun of her body ,especially her ass. She is pretty chill and weirdly happy most of the time. Currently in her fitness journey and an inspiring entrepreneur working a 9 to 5 IT job. Do follow her at @oshacurves and show her your support. If you would like to talk to her anonymously and share her your story – do add her on Telegram as @oshacurves.

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