7 Takeaways From GE14

I remember feeling anxious enough to not be able to fall asleep despite it being half past one in the morning – the air was still with anticipation, the neighbourhood streets eerily quiet, but somehow I could hear the breath everyone was holding. I caved in to sleep not much later, a huge part of myself thinking that I best catch some zzzs.

I, like many other Malaysians, had to go in to work not too late in the morning, still doubtful yet hopeful at the same time that something big would happen and change the course of history.

Came six o’clock and I headed straight onto the net and then found headlines after another praising heavens for what we had all thought was unthinkable, actually happened. The then-opposition coalition had won the country!

Mindfucked, I went onto about half a dozen other news portals (and social media for good measure) to verify and let it sink in that the news was really true – and it was. The following 48 hours after the election results were announced was a string of dramatic plot twists that kept all Malaysians on tenterhooks; this was history itself, this was a game-changer.

All that craziness (the good kind!) is still ongoing, it’s like someone left the tap running and an endless stream of crazy is overflowing, but we all know that this is just the beginning and we’re about to see so much more. That being said, I feel like there are some takeaways from GE14 that can somewhat wrap a few things into perspective to summarise just how insane it has been (and still is) for us Malaysians right now.

  1. He came to slay

    At 92 going on 93, Tun M (pic: Berita Harian) isn’t playing around. He went in for the kill. Many of us remembers the man who ruled with an iron fist and made Malaysia no stranger on the global map all throughout the 90s and early 2000s. Being a 90s kid, he is the most profound figure of leadership I can relate to and when he stepped in the GE14 game, he became the beacon of hope for the people. And boy, he didn’t disappoint.

  2. Malaysian millennials came out to play

    Malaysian millennials really shook things up. While a lack of show from the youth was one of the reasons why Brexit is happening, Malaysian millennials took up arms and came out in hordes to proudly exercise their rights and hope to make the change they’ve been clamouring to see become a reality.

  3. Woman at the top


    GE14 is truly a very deep and important notch in our history books – but one of the reasons why is the fact that for the first time ever, we have a woman in office as the Deputy Prime Minister! While Dr. Wan Azizah (pic: Malay Mail) is a formidable lady of her own right, this particular installation has broken the glass ceiling and inspired new hopes for women everywhere.

  4. BN ended

    Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak waves as he arrives at Naypyitaw international airport to attend 24th ASEAN Summit

    After over 6 decades in power, the then-ruling party of Malaysia, Barisan Nasional (BN) was finally overthrown in a shocking defeat. There has never been a time where BN did not rule Malaysia, the party had been governing the country ever since Malaysia achieved independence in 1957 – this is one of the many shocking firsts for the country that comes as an aftermath of GE14. (pic: Malaysia Chronicle)

  5. Old but gold


    I couldn’t help it, seeing Tun M back as Prime Minister brings me back to the old days. Tun M sitting as the man in charge is slowly but surely reinstating the hope back in all our hearts. Malaysians are waiting at the edge of their seats for the country to be saved – second time’s the charm, right? (pic: MyNewsHub)

  6. Youth enters the fray

    Another noteworthy fact to highlight that comes from GE14 is the fact that now we have some actual youth representing us in the parliament. From the 22 year old Prabakaran (right) to 26 year old Syed Saddiq (left), I am impressed with the lineup that we have and believe that the youth would be able to bring change that comes with this evolving times. (pic: worldofbuzz.com, remaja.my)
  7. Plot twists and turns


    GE14 may had been wrapped up a couple of days ago, but the plot continues to thicken every single new dawn. From the changing of ministers in Sabah to the announcement that we now are without an Attorney General and right down to the announcement of the new cabinet lineup, I’m expecting to be glued helplessly to the news for the next couple of weeks to come.

Here’s to better days ahead!

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Cover photo courtesy of thecoverage.my

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