#GE14: If You’re Part of the 0.1%, Here’s What You Can Do To Avoid Phantom Votes

Polling day is less than 12 hours away! And yet most of us postal voters are still without postal ballots on the eve of 9th May 2017, which makes it impossible for us to cast our votes for #GE14. I mean, it’s 4pm of the 8th of May in London right now and I’m still patiently waiting for FedEx to deliver my postal ballot as promised.

The Election Commission claims that there are 212,834 postal voters for GE14. But ok lah fine lah, still got people who said we’re only 0.1% so we don’t really matter. But still, with or without a ballot. I’m sure most of us would hate for our votes to go to waste or worse, taken over by phantom voters.

GIF: Giphy

Just in case you’re a paranoid bunny like me and would much rather not voting at all than having a stranger vote for you, here’s what you can do to ensure that your name stays registered as “PP” (Pengundi Pos):

fallon tonight
GIF: Fallon Tonight

1) Inform a family member or friend to arrive early at your polling station.

2) Have them counter-check your name to ensure your “PP” status.

gif giphy
GIF: Giphy

3) Just in case your name isn’t marked as a “PP”, have your homies inform a party’s “pondok panas” (situated right outside a polling station’s main entrance) to mark your name as “PP”.

4) Reps at the “pondok panas” will then inform PACA regarding your status which in turn will allow them to know if anyone has attempted to vote under your identity.

tenor (1)
GIF: Tenor

5) Now that your constitutional right has been taken away from you, encourage every registered voter you know to go out tomorrow and make a difference. For Malaysia’s sake.

Gif: Tenor

Good luck and Godspeed, Malaysia.

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