IMPORTANT: 5 Do’s & 5 Don’ts For Tomorrow’s Election

The time has come. Malaysia’s big day, the 14th General Election is tomorrow. For those of you voting for your first time, please take note of the guidelines below. Those who need a bit of a refresher, here’s a recap. And for those who are not voting, don’t worry – we’re not those type of people who demand for a reason for your decision.


  1. Arrive early. Granted, your polling station dictates the state of traffic and/or congestion, but voting hours are 8am to 5pm. Time it wisely so that you arrive just in time, and not when the doors close.
  2. Bring your identification cards, such as MyKad, Malaysian passport, receipt for a Temporary Identification Card with photograph, receipt of report for Loss of Identification Card with photograph (JPN 1/11) certified by the National Registration Department, Driving License with photograph or Authority Card with photograph issued by a government department.
  3. Present your identification document at the EC booth, check your name on the electoral roll and get the Stream Number Slip before going to cast your vote.
  4. Mark an ‘X’ next to the name of the candidate, party or symbol of your choice.
  5. Report any problems or irregularities.


  1. Choose this time to take a photograph of ballot paper at any times, or even a selfie.
  2. Take items given by strangers, who say it is a token of gratitude – especially money.
  3. Wear clothing with specific logos or emblems affiliated with the party of your choice. To be safe, you cannot wear, hold or carry any form or type of clothing, head covering, ornament, rosette, water bottle or umbrella with the name of the candidate, or emblem or symbol of any political party.
  4. Take ballot papers out of, or bring them into polling stations.
  5. Intentionally spoil the ballot paper.

All the best.
Those of you travelling, stay safe on the road.

*pic courtesy of Pixabay

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