F*cked! Episode 1: STD, U & ME

A post by Farosha Shah.

For some reason, people like sharing their stories to me. Maybe it is my comforting smile or the fact that I don’t judge; but yeah – people like to tell me stories about the shit they have been through. So when I thought of contributing a story; what I was going to write about was a no-brainer.

Here goes the first episode of “Fucked!” – a series of stories about urban Malaysians. No worries, I have asked the story owner for the permission to publish their story before writing this:

A few weeks ago, I talked to this girl through a post on Whisper. She wrote –

“Dude gave me STD! How do I tell him? We used condom!”

Listen, whenever I read a post where the girl is in trouble, I will definitely will PM her, make sure she is OK, then ask if she wants to talk about it and try my best to comfort her. So yeah, we got to talk about it and this is what I gathered. Let’s call her – Pumpkin Pie (food always makes a good anonymous name).


Number 1 – Pumpkin Pie contracted genital warts from her recent partner and never received her HPV vaccine injection. If you do not know what Genital Warts is or what it even looks like; I do not suggest you to Google image the disease because … DAMN these pictures will give you nightmares (‘cause that’s what happened to her, nightmare for days!)


Number 2 – Pumpkin Pie has low self-esteem and thinks no man wants her. And when/if any men come along; she will just accept him because she thinks she is not pretty enough to be picky, and thinks that guys come to her only when they are desperate.


So let’s talk about Point #1:

Baby girl, you are 29 years old and sexually active; how do you not know about HPV Injections?! But again to be honest, it is not 100% your fault – I blame it on Malaysian Sex Education. We don’t have Sex Ed classes in school and sex always seems to be a taboo topic, let alone talking about STDs and birth control!


I asked if she has taken the vaccine and the STD blood test after she contracted it but she said not yet, as it is freaking expensive. Then I asked what happened to the dude that gave her the STD, she said she is no longer in contact with him. So I suggested that she get in touch with the dude and ask him to pay for the vaccine and the blood test but she gave me this answer –

“I am not even sure if it was him that gave this STD, or if it was the dude before that. Because I do change my sex partner every month”.

To Pumpkin Pie and all my sexually active ladies; you have to play safe and get yourself properly vaccinated – that hooha is the only one you’ve got! And pleaseeeeee start learning about sex and sex health – it is very important for you and your partner’s well-being. Whoever said that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, is clearly wrong because the only way to a man’s heart is somewhere down the crotch area. (*wink* take it easy, I am just joking ok? Or am I? ;P)


Point #2:

To me this is even a heavier topic than the STD – how to change the way you see yourself. What is your worth? And if you are not good looking, do you have to discount your self-worth and just settle for whatever that comes your way?


My advice to her is to start doing a QA check on the men who approach her, invest in a good sex toy and start loving herself. If there is something about him that you don’t like, just cut him off… immediately! Yes I know you are horny and you need that good-good – but that is what the sex toy is for!

Say this mantra and repeat –

“I love myself, I am worth it, I am not a charity case, I am a strong independent woman and I sleep with men only if he is worth it”.

Pumpkin Pie, you are not a touch and go booth OK; you are so easy to talk to and you are smart – I know you will figure this out sooner or later. Just get yourself vaccinated, recover from this trauma and start seeing yourself in a different light. Remember, if you don’t love yourself, how the hell is someone else going to love you?


Till we meet again. Peace out.

If you like this post, I will continue this series. Remember kids, always play safe.

A little bit about the author

Farosha Shah is a body positivity advocate that likes to make fun of her body ,especially her ass. She is pretty chill and weirdly happy most of the time. Currently in her fitness journey and an inspiring entrepreneur working a 9 to 5 IT job. Do follow her at @oshacurves and show her your support. If you would like to talk to her anonymously and share her your story – do add her on Telegram as @oshacurves.

Do you have a story to share? Hit us up at the Write In page, or write in at askanythinglah@gmail.com. Photo courtesy of Pexels.

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