Why you should cut ties with your family members

I can count on one hand the number of people I know in my life who don’t have any kind of family drama or annoying/toxic relatives. If you’re one of those rare species with the perfect family then don’t even read this piece because you would not be able to understand the emotions, thoughts and motivations that can compel one to even write such a piece in the first place.

People are imperfect and that’s why families are imperfect. But sometimes, they’re beyond that imperfection and are just downright a pain in the ass.

The question is, when do you draw the line?

Then of course, you are somewhat blood-bound to them, can you really cut ties with them?

What is the breaking point? Can you imagine finally just sitting your ass down and thinking to yourself, “Okay, that’s it. Family or not, bitch’s gotta go!”

If you can find yourself relating to any of the points below, then it might be time for you to sever relationships with your family members for good.

  1. They’re abusive


    If they lay hands on you, then that’s as bright red as a warning flag could ever be. Ain’t nobody should be whooping your ass – unless your mom is Asian and you’ve just broken yet another piece of her Corelle (why you be messin’ with your momma’s plates?!). Being abusive stretches beyond just physical abuse, mental abuse is just as, or even more worse. If your family members bully you, just walk away – save yourself and don’t you dare take any word they say to heart! They don’t mean well for you and never will, you have to set yourself free from that bullshit.

  2. They’re toxic to you

    If someone from your family is always somehow successful in being part and parcel of the bad decisions you make in life, or if you find yourself constantly giving into peer pressure then you need to make the right decision for once and get the hell away from them for good. A bad influence, and a family member at that, would do you no good.

  3. They disrespect you


    If they are constantly belittling you – get rid of them. If they are constantly comparing you to someone else in the family – get rid of them. If they ever show the slightest indication that they think it’s okay to make you feel like crap and does nothing to enrich your life at all, then just get rid of them. The world is littered with these kinds of people – I can assure you that they won’t be sorely missed.

  4. They’re only honeys for the money

    If they ever say this line to you, “Come on, we’re family. You gotta help me out! I’ll pay you back, how can you not be sympathetic?” then just get rid of them. Families weren’t meant to be interest-free banks.  There’s a difference in helping a family member in need and being taken advantage of – which one are you?

Right now you’re probably thinking that hey, the shit I wrote is oddly specific, I must come from a pretty gnarly family. The truth is, not really, but if i’m being honest, I do hate about 89% of them all.

And I’ve been cutting off at least 60% of them all these years – best decision ever made.


*images are courtesy of Pixabay, and Pexels.

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