Why I Kinda Like Movie Spoilers

So, one of the biggest movies is out this week (spoilers: it’s Avengers: Infinity War). A common view I get this whole week is about how people are taking to Facebook and Instagram and … I’m not too sure about LinkedIn … begging their friends and connections to not spoil the movie for them.

While I understand that this is a matter of life-and-death for some, I actually do enjoy spoilers. For the longest time, people have been yelling at me to “NOT TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS” when they ask me how a movie went, and asking me, “Hey, do you like spoilers?” to which I respond with a, “Yeah, I don’t mind them”. Then, they give me a bewildered look and say, “OMG what kind of person are you?”

Actually, I know what kind of person I am.
I actually Googled it.

I Googled “why do I like spoilers”, and ‘lo and behold: Google delivers.

A study in the “Psychology of Popular Media Culture” examines what personality types enjoy spoilers and found that people who are “emotion junkies” don’t want to know what’s coming next, compared to people who don’t want to get too emotionally involved.

Source: Today.com

The article also mentions that people who like spoilers are people who do not like to think a lot.

People who enjoy pondering complex, abstract problems and analyzing what they hear want their surprise endings unspoiled,” says Judith Rosenbaum and Benjamin Johnson from VU University Amsterdam – two smart people who carried out an experiment to study people who like and loathe spoilers. “People with a high need for emotional experiences, who like the heart-pounding, edge-of-the-seat feeling of not knowing what will happen preferred not knowing the ending.”

Rosenbaum added, “The reason that you dislike spoilers is because it takes away suspense. When there is no spoiler you are more likely to experience suspense. Those who have a low need for emotional engagement don’t care whether they know what happens or not.”

So bottom line is… I really don’t care what the bottom line is, because I have a low need for emotional engagement, no? It says right there! It’s scientifically proven, guys!

OK bye. I’m off to watch the new Avengers. And I actually do know what happens, thanks to that one friend who willingly tells me what happens – you the real MVP.




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