So Someone’s Sinus Started Acting Up Because Of Milo. Yes, The Drink.

So, a day ago, our team caught wind of news from a local media (The Reporter), claiming that some chap had managed to screw up his nose. It went all kinds of ugly, so he had gone to the doctor’s to get it checked out, as you do.

Instead of the usual, “Oh, you’ve got a bad case of the flu. Here’s 3 days MC. Drink plenty of water” or the “Oh, it’s nothing, just a cold je”, the doctor said that his sinus problem was actually caused by Milo.

Following that hugely astounding and particularly interesting diagnosis, our victim had gone on to surgery, which took about RM20, 000. The hospital name isn’t disclosed, for … well, in case Milo wants to sue.


Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 12.22.21 PM.jpg

And so we are entirely unsure if he is that gullible, or the doctor really had some good basis for being able to persuade @nafyamran to go for the procedure, but to be honest, most of us here have been brought up on Milo that either a) the victim had some really unusual and rare case, which ought to be documented, or b) the doctor is really having the time of his life, and the hospital made easy RM20, 000.

Again, we’re not scientists here, we’re just a bunch of people writing for fun but it really shouldn’t be a cause of worry. Milo themselves have released a statement, denying the whole thing.


Rough translation: Hello Mohd Badri Baharudin, there has been a photo circulating in the social media and WhatsApp, which links MILO to a sinus case. This news carries unfounded and unproven information. Milo is made out of milk, malt and cocoa and is safe to drink. If you have any queries on health, do refer to your licensed medical practitioner or a professional dietetic or nutritionist. We advise everyone to check their facts before spreading the news. For more inform —– okay, you get the gist.

We’re not going to go on defending Milo here (which we OBVIOUSLY LOVE! HELLO MILO WE LOVE YOU 5EVER), but if you’d like to read the whole story, click here to be redirected to The Reporter Malaysia’s coverage of the issue, in full Malay.

Now that’s out of the way, BRB. All this talk of Milo is making me crave for one.

Also, we have no idea how Milo causes sinus problems. There is only one possibility:

Courtesy of @abbyshahrin and @thereportermy.pngPhoto courtesy of @abbyshahrin.

OK Bye. Milo time.

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