A Walk Down Memory Lane: WT0503

This post was written and submitted by Charles Prudente.

In the very beginning, it was just a casual meet up and hangout session. But one thing led to another, and eventually, here I stand, head over heels over you. With those daily “Good morning” and “Goodnight” texts, the “what r u doing now?”s just to check up on me, the stories we shared, the feelings you poured out, and those meaningful messages you shared with me. Oh, how much I’ve treasured that from you.

At times when I needed someone, there you were, even without me asking for it. You’ve been there throughout my thick and thins. You were there with me through all my heights and glories, and supported me when I was grief-stricken and down below. Kept me motivated when I lose hope and held me up to face the miseries in life. I did my best to return the favour, and I’ve tried my very best to do the same for you. To be there for you at your highest peak and lowest point. To be the person you share your happiness with and a shoulder to cry on whenever you’re wretched.

We had our ups and our downs too. We shared blissfulness and even sorrow. To see you happily smiling and laughing at even the slightest matters and that terrible feeling I carry when I see you hurt and troubled. No doubt that I try to take that pain away from you. Just to see that pretty smile on your face again.

Reminiscing those days, about the way you lay on me while we hold hands. And those late night talks before we fell asleep. That was the time when distance was never an excuse. If only I could see you again, I’d never let you out of my sight. If only I could hear from you again, I’d reach out to you and keep the conversation going. If only you know how much I miss you.

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