Are You An SSB?

OK, great! You managed to convince yourself to click on the ridiculous acronym that I’ve made up. ‘SSB’ basically means, ‘Single Since Birth’. The words itself already describe the acronyms. If you’re not quite sure about it, it’s basically about someone (be it girl or boy) who has NEVER dated before in his/her entire life. I’m talking about never knowing what it’s like to be flirted with, never knowing what it feels like having matching items with loved ones. I’m talking about something like the movie ‘Never Been Kissed’. Yes, that’s how lame it is being an SSB. 

I’m a certified SSB. In fact, if there’s an institution for such, I’ll probably be acing it. How does one feel when they are an SSB? Well, let me tell you then: 


Third Wheeler Since Birth

I almost wanted to change my ‘SSB’ status to ‘TWSB’ because, c’mon, you’re practically a third wheeler since birth. I hate being one because I’ve always been put into this situation whenever my sisters invited me along to their ‘little date’. As a result, I refuse to go out with them, and make up excuses. Hence, we always get into arguments. Hey, who likes seeing you being all cuddly and sweet while I’m walking behind you guys? Nobody? Yeah, that’s right. If you’re reading this, sis, I’m sorry. But I just don’t feel comfortable.


“You look so beautiful!”

“Go out and date!”

I know I look beautiful, lol (I wish) but I don’t like getting involved with some random guy. Born an introvert, I’d rather stay at home. In my bed. Writing this down. Yes, pathetic, but I’d rather have my heart not broken ten thousand times than catching the right one. If there’s that right one.


Nobody’s Option

Never anyone’s option. Especially for group projects. Everyone seems to look past your way even if you are literally smiling, looking at them for some sort of signal. 


Valentine’s Day

A day where I get to buy chocolates at discounted price and seeing people posting pictures of their loved ones on social media. All while eating my discounted chocolate.


“Stop being choosy and just pick one guy!”

I mean, everyone has their own standards when comes to their ‘prince charming’ or ‘the one’. Mine just probably lives somewhere no near me.

giphy (1).gif

Unrequited Love, A Continuous Loop

Unlike movies, they at least (or some) get to live happily ever after. But in my movie, written and directed by truly yours (me) I don’t get that ‘happily’ ever after. One after another, I continuously find myself liking guys that are taken or even worse, married. And of course, I don’t desperately chase after these guys. In fact, I back out and cry myself to sleep.

giphy (2).gif

Gosh, after listing this down I’ve never felt so awful about myself. It’s like literally shading myself out for the readers. Oh well, whatever keeps you guys entertained!


So, here’s the short list of SSB! I’m not sure if there’re any other SSBs out there but fear not, your chance will come long. Soon.


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