We’re Told That Zaihani Mohd Zain Looks Like A Character We Know, And Now We Can’t Unsee It

Cover image courtesy of Style Tribute Mag.

Most of us have been looking at the famous Malaysian fashion critic (now infamous fat shamer) with more than just hatred these past few days.

We’ve looked upon her face splashed across web articles, FB feeds and all with an air of … ah, curiosity? Not just because of why she did what she did, (in case you missed out on what happened with Zaihani, read this article) but because of something else – we’ve all been trying to pinpoint who she looks like.

Some have said Edna Mode, but that really didn’t seem quite right until someone on Instagram mentioned one particular character that had us reeling:


And then BAM it hit like a freight train. I mean, come on. It’s the same. Like, we even Googled it.

Have a look and judge for yourself, the same way she judged those with #pehamelimpah LOL.




Well, what do you think? Uncanny, no?

I mean, they even have matching images and everything.

But we don’t mean anything bad by this, we’re just putting it out there. Anyhow, Dobby would totally disapprove of what she said about those over 60kgs.

So, umm, yeah. Let me get back to staring at those pics again.

You have a good day now!

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