Dear You, Who Comes Around To Mess Up My Life Once In A While

This post was written and submitted by Delilah Ho.


Let me make this clear,
There is no ‘us’, there is only ‘you’, and ‘me’,
No ‘you and me’, and no ‘me and you’,
We can only exist with a distance between us,
A space, a comma, a full stop,
A ‘You’ve blocked the following user’ message.

I cannot escape your name, and you cannot escape mine,
You look for me in the sky, the ground, the air,
And I saw your face in the shit that I took this morning,
I’ve learnt not to romanticise things,
I think of this as a joke,
A joke that involves me, and you.

I hope the comma between me, and you is enough,
To stop you from having any stupid thoughts about us,
There is no ‘us’,
There is no universe that we both exist together,
Only ‘me’, and ‘you’, living our lives in our separate ways,
Goodbye, forever.

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