Malaysian Election 101

Yes, I’m sure by now you’ve heard that a major event is happening in Malaysia on 9th May 2018. (Apart from the Public Holiday of course).

Here are some key things you need to remember for the big day:

1. Be worried if it’s more than 4 hours

We know that different centers would result in a different duration for the process. However, if your experience lasts more than 4 hours, you might want to get it checked out to see if there is potentially a problem.


2. Stay nourished

Don’t get caught high and dry while waiting for your turn. After all, you don’t want all that effort going to waste just because you are starving halfway through. Some simple snacks would do the trick, such as twigs and berries. If you’re having custard for some reason, try not to sling them around.

tenor (1)

3. Should you camp outside?

Unless there is a prize for the first 10 participants, you won’t need to pitch a tent outside the center. HOWEVER, if you can ensure your tent stays sturdy and lasts throughout by all means pitch away!

tenor (2)

4. Best time to participate?

Normally most eligible Malaysians would partake in the morning, regardless how wooden they feel. You however, are free to partake at your convenience especially since it would be a public holiday.


5. Careful of stiffness

Standing erect and plodding along for hours may leave you a little stiff and/or sore. Remember, comfort and enjoyment for all parties is more important than making it an anxious race to finish first.

tenor (3)

6. Watch out for wildlife

Some of you may have the privilege of partaking in the process at more exotic & remote locations. While you’re enjoying nature, do keep an eye out for the native fauna. Snakes might creep into your trousers and cause plenty of problems for everyone, unless you’re into wrangling them.


What do you mean it’s spelt with an R?




This post was submitted by Moldova Cake, who clearly knows his way around politics. Thanks for making us laugh!

If you have your own story or guide or something you’d like to submit, hit us up at!


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