My Shiny Pokemon

This post was submitted and written by Kevin Ch'ng. He is on Instagram at kev_chng

There you stood, among the tall grass
Distinct amongst the silent mass
Something so rare, I couldn’t believe my eyes
From impossible stares to blinking thrice

We became friends and it was great
We shared interests, so much that we relate
Things went well, but an advent for something to come
A fallout, a doom, looming in the foreground

We fought, we fight, and things went sour
There goes a friendship unlike any other
I chose to shut you out own, and set you free
But it was I who needed the tranquillity

Years have passed, and still I roam
To fill a heart that has no home
The aches, the pains, the scars that were left
Were nothing more than a soul bereft

But there again, in the tall grass
Memories, good and bad of the past
That left me paralyzed by this impasse
Came flooding back en masse

You were hurt, and so was I
A feeling so familiar that I could not deny
I resigned to my will or the lack thereof
To get you back in the skies; ready, set, lift off!

My will wanes, and I relapse
Watching my courage and sanity collapse
That things could work again, if I tried
But who am I kidding, a chance forever denied

In truth be told I never was yours
Throughout the times of our discourse
I wanted out, but could not depart
Bound by the fear of falling apart

As the feelings linger with a promise to keep
To navigate through emotions that are too real and too deep
But all I know is I will keep marching on
And you will always be my shiny pokemon

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