Poetry Series: Sunflower Collection – “Roses”

I’ll be your daydream,
I’ll wear your favourite things.
Never fading in the sunset,
When the rain set in.

Although we both lie close together,
We feel miles apart inside.
Hold me close and hold me fast,
This magic spell you cast.

I know you’d like to think your shit don’t stink,
But lean a little bit closer.
She never knew what hit her,
Steal her honey then forget her.

I’ll just close my eyes and whisper,
Baby blind love is true.
So smile for a while and let’s be jolly,
Love shouldn’t be so melancholy.

I wake in pain,
I dream of love as time runs through my hand.
To me you’re like a growing addiction I can’t deny,
Won’t you tell me is that healthy?

Can you spot how many song references are there in this poetry? 😉

This post was submitted by Moldova Cake, in an attempt to cheer up those who are feeling low, and to augment feel-good vibes this Friday. Moldova Cake named it “Shitty Poetry”, but we don’t think so. We had a laugh. Thanks Moldova Cake!

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