A Novel: Tetragram Secrets

Written by C. W. Shern.

All that the college student ever wanted was to intern, graduate, and finally get on with it.

But forensic mage Monrow Calidah will have his arcane hands full juggling his school life, his (poorly managed) relationship, family expectations, and most of all, keeping one step ahead of a mysterious serial killer leaving mutilated bodies around on his tropical island of Madok Bay. All in a day’s work for a police intern.

Welcome to TETRAGRAM SECRETSa world where magic is science, and few things are as they seem. For best enjoyment, do not just read with your eyes, but with your vigilant minds, and try to keep up with the talented budding criminal investigator Monrow and his intrepid crew.


Hello readers of Anything Lah!

My name is C. W. Shern, and I am a university lecturer for Videogame Design. I write for games and screen, and I have been volunteering for over a decade in a neighborhood-level programme for young people that uses stories to guide their creative and inner development.

TETRAGRAM SECRETS was a novel that grew out of my fascination to meld science fiction and fantasy with the tone of adventure and puzzle solving. I do not doubt that you may find the story to be quite mixed up with many genres. There are four novels in the series, and this is the first.

The manuscript is a working draft going through its edits, but its core structure is already there, so any improvements will be to the flow of the writing and the grammar – the spirit and essence of the adventures of Monrow Calidah is already available for your leisurely reading. The book cover is visibly missing, and I am in the process of meeting artists to paint one that does justice.

On behalf of my characters, we thank you for taking the time and attention to peek into the world of TETRAGRAM SECRETS and their escapades. Each chapter is about 10 minutes worth of reading.

We thank you once again, and look forward to connecting with you. Until then, may stories always guide our way.

Do you have a story you’d like to share/submit? Hit us up on the Write To & For Us page, or drop us a line at askanythinglah@gmail.com.

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