Game Review: “Kluno: Hero Battle” by Gameka

This post was written and submitted by Adam Majid.

Malaysia’s Game Development industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds. I stumbled across this game, Kluno Hero Battle on the Google Play store last week, and while it’s still in development – some features are not yet available – this game is easily one of those underrated, hidden gems that should not be flying under the radar. From my research, this wholly made in Malaysia game that was showcased at Casual Connect USA 2018 Indie Prize Showcase. The sauce for that is here.

How good is this game? I ignore my girlfriend when playing this game. She is not happy about that and has confiscated my phone several times over the past week.

So what exactly is Kluno Hero Battle all about? This is the only game that I have found to accelerate puzzle matching (Match-3) to Warp Speed with high octane combat.


To be perfectly honest with you, these pictures just don’t do the game justice. I would strongly recommend checking out the trailer here! Really, watch the trailer before reading further. Really. Watch the trailer here.

So if you watched the trailer, you saw exactly what I meant about turning the casual puzzle matching game in to a game where you got to match gems tactically, and strategically place your heroes on the board to make the most of their various unique attack and support abilities. Yes. Every Hero has unique offense and support skills and rapid matching charges up those ultimate abilities to destroy your enemies with epic super powers that range from devastating plasma cannons to nuclear strikes.

article image 3 - gather an arsenal of items

Adding to the tactical challenge is an insane arsenal of strategic items, each with a unique offensive or defensive purpose that will shape your battle tactics every time you take your Heroes in to the arena.

So match your gems, power up your heroes and unleash devastating attacks upon enemies and friends alike in the ultimate match 3 puzzle game: – Kluno Hero Battle! You can download it from the Android Store and I’ll see you, in the Arena!

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Read and enjoy lah!


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