Why Malaysians Are Outraged By This College’s Scholarship

Recently, one of the “It” private colleges in Malaysia came under rapid fire by netizens when news of the tertiary education institution offering a very…peculiar type of scholarship surfaces online.
The scholarship in question is parked under Taylor’s College Lakeside Campus Talent Scholarship where it branches down to a specific category under “Other Talents Category” to which the description of the scholarship states the following; “A social influencer/any other special talent that shall be performed/proved in front of the judges.”
Why all the outrage?
The scrutiny began when netizens came across the scholarship listing on Taylor’s College website, and as how it always is with social media, one spark eventually became a wildfire. Taylor’s College came under fire as people expressed their complete disbelief and outrage at the fact that this tertiary education institution would offer an actual scholarship to social influencers, who we have come to know as social media personalities running solely on popularity – driven perhaps by the fact that most of the time they are the epitome of #richkidsofinstagram.
As featured on Vulcan Post, local YouTube influencer, Marianne Tan herself had been very vocal about the scholarship in question – and this coming from someone who would actually have fitted the bill to get that scholarship!
But before you start taking out them pitchforks and blast Taylor’s College on their Facebook Page (where it would hurt them most, ironically!), the private college had issued a statement to clarify what they had really meant by that scholarship category – and it is NOT what everyone had assumed it to be!
The college clarified to a news source that the scholarship was intended for individuals who drives social changes and has the power to socially influence others to join their course. Of course, the recipient of this scholarship must also be Einstein-level in their academics – a far cry from being a bikini clad, BMW driving young 18-year-olds promoting hair vitamins as we had all thought!
The college has also revised the name of the scholarship to represent something clearer – Social Advocate Scholarship, good idea seeing as the term social influencer really brings us to a specific type of image!

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