9 Uplifting, Classical Songs That Will Help You Get Through Your Day

Ah, Mondays. So much negativity, too much demotivation. There isn’t much that you can do about it either, except to just grin and bear it. However, aside from my usual suggestion of, “Hey, get another coffee, it wouldn’t kill you”, there are some ways to alleviate your pain.


Enter classical music. Oh, I can imagine you rolling your eyes, grimacing or barfing even but before you go, just hear/read me out for a bit. I know you’ve read a lot of articles on how classical music can boost creativity, intelligence and concentration and by now, you would have known that it can boost your mood as well.

I, for one, sometimes cannot bear the idea of some classical music. But! BUT! I think these will change your mind. There are 9 songs here, and 7 of them have been scientifically (I’m not sure if it is, it’s just that they say it works, so let’s go with ‘scientifically proven’) by Classical FM to actually alleviate feelings of happiness and inspiration, and 2 of them are my personal favourites – ones that really work when I’m feeling low, uninspired or when I want to feel like I’m in some movie.

Exhibit A:


So, lend me your ears? You will (or will not, but it’s OK, what matters is you tried) thank me later.

1. The Marriage of Figaro – Mozart

This will get you in the mood, to brave the worst of Mondays. Only 4 minutes to get you there.

2. Hoe Down – Copland

Oooh, this should work. Try not to feel good at this.

3. Ruslan and Ludmilla (Overture) – Glinka

This makes you want to accomplish things with gusto.

4. Sonata No. 17 in C – Mozart

OK, now this is a whopping 19 minute piece, but you won’t regret it. Not a second.

5. ‘Largo al factotum’ (from The Barber of Seville) – Rossini

This is one of those familiar ones. In some movie, or a cartoon, perhaps?


6. Jupiter the bringer of jollity (The Planets) – Holst

The beginning reminds me of Peter Pan. What does it remind you of?

7. Holberg Suite (Rigaudon) – Grieg

This’ll take you on an emotional journey – but a good one.

Personal favourites:

8. Symphony no.7 in a major op.92 – II Allegretto – Beethoven

Another one of those recognisable pieces, this never fails to put me in a spirited mood. Examples of movies that have featured this: The King’s Speech, X Men Apocalypse.

9. Symphony No 4 in D minor, Op 120 – Schumann

“31 freakin’ minutes?!” you exclaim. Yes, 31 freakin’ minutes of good stuff.

Well, that’s that!
Hope that helped you as much as it helps me.

Kathlyn is the founder, and managing editor of Anything Lah! She is bad at completing biodata and


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Kathlyn is the founder, and managing editor of Anything Lah! President of #IceCreamFriday club. Will respond to KFC, nuggets and luncheon meat. She is bad at completing biodata and