[Story]: Against a Dying World

Picture1Tapas – not eating food – for the reading soul?

Greetings to the Community of AnythingLah!

Eristarisis here back with something different this time. I’ve been pushing my Fanfiction writing for the past couple of weeks and the support from this community has been great! Quite a few wandered from whatever I’m sharing in to the other fanfictions that I have not talked about, read and left reviews, comments and suggestions. I’ll take a moment just to say THANK YOU for the feedback and support, it helps keep me incentivized to keep on writing!

I figure that it’s time to push something a bit different: – My original fiction novel – at least the one that I am currently working on is actually available on tapas.io and can be found here: – https://tapas.io/episode/990580

“Against a Dying World” is a “free-flow” writing experiment where nothing is planned or researched ahead of time. I basically block a couple of hours a few times a week and just write whatever I can based on what I know of people, places, locations, weapons in a zombie apocalypse set in the year 2007/08.

I’ve been writing this for the past couple of weeks, and I hope that its pretty much complete, that you’ll be entertained enough to come back for more! To be honest, the first novel will probably only have about 10-11 chapters. Maybe I’ll do a part 2? I don’t know yet, as it depends what the feedback and suggestions are like for a part 2 to this project!

Lastly, I am now accepting support for my various writing works and projects on Patreon! You can find me there via this link and I hope that you enjoy my work enough to give me some support for life and living in general so that I can keep on writing. Alternatively, you can make a donation via PayPal directly. Those links are here: –

As always: Read and enjoy lah!

by Adam Majid

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