[Short Story]: Imran

“Imran shoot mama! Bang bang” Imran said pointing a plastic gun at his mother. She looked at him with endearment. “Imran cannot shoot mama, who’s going to take care of you?” she asked lovingly. “Papa!” Imran answered full of glee. Imran is now 2 and learning to speak. His mother is very proud of him. She’d had him a little prematurely but she was sure he’d be strong enough to make it and here he was.


“Imran’s got to, I’m sorry mama” Imran said pointing a pistol at his mother. She looked at him in fear. “Why?” she asked. “I have no choice” Imran said filled with disdain. Imran is now 20 and had gotten involved with the wrong people. His mother is no longer proud of him. She looked away and began to weep.

About The Author

J-Han was a reserved child growing up. He spent most of his time making friends with the little bugs in the garden and went on many an adventure exploring the neighbourhood with Bruno his dog. Many years down the road he is much less reserved but still makes friends with the bugs that come into his room this time with a new partner, Momo.

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