[Short Story]: Tick-Tock

6.00 am – Wake up, blink 10 times, 20 deep breaths

6.03 am – Sit up and face left

6.05 am – Get out of bed

6.06 am – Wash face

6.07 am – Brush teeth

6.08 am – Walk to kitchen and put water on to boil

6.10 am – Begin bath

6.15 am – End bath

6.17 am – Brew coffee

6.19 am – Dry hair

6.20 am – Put shirt on, right arm in first

6.21 am – Put pants on, left leg first

6.22 am – Put socks on, right foot first

6.23 am – Grab coffee with left hand

6.28 am – Put on shoes, right foot first

6.30 am – Leave house, left foot first

7.00 am – At train station, it’s late. I’ll walk

7.15 am – I hear the train coming up behind me

About The Author

J-Han was a reserved child growing up. He spent most of his time making friends with the little bugs in the garden and went on many an adventure exploring the neighbourhood with Bruno his dog. Many years down the road he is much less reserved but still makes friends with the bugs that come into his room this time with a new partner, Momo.

Instagram: @lokejhan

Artists Instagram: @gragedamn

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