[FanFiction] Neverwinter Nights: Her Last Days

by Adam Majid

Greetings to the Community of AnythingLah!

When I look back at some of the fanfiction projects I have written, I start to realize just how old I actually am, and how far I have come as a writer since I started this gig way back in the early 2000s.This is from my true early days when I was still trying to figure out one end of a pen from the other.

I received some interesting feedback on last week’s piece (The Mob’s Justice) and someone decided to throw out a bit of a challenge: – Go back in to Neverwinter Nights, and write another fanfiction, fleshing out the end of the game a bit more. Challenge Accepted and Completed. I’ve done my best to also match back the tone and style to preserve the continuity of the narrative.  I present: – Her Last Days.

The Official Synopsis: “She devoted her life to Neverwinter. Betrayal and pain were her rewards. She devoted the ending of her life to herself at the hands of a dealer of death.”

The fanfiction is linked here: – https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12866059/1/Her-Last-Days

You can find the rest of my works here: – https://www.fanfiction.net/u/465790/Eristarisis

Thus I hope that you will enjoy this earlier piece – not as well written as some of my others – that shows how far you can go when you spend the time to practice and hone your craft.

Lastly, I am now accepting support for my various writing works and projects on Patreon! You can find me there via this link and I hope that you enjoy my work enough to give me some support for life and living in general so that I can keep on writing. Alternatively, you can make a donation via PayPal directly. Those links are here: –

As always: Read and enjoy lah!

N.B The image accompanying this piece was created by isbjorg on deviantart.com. The creators profile is linked here: – https://isbjorg.deviantart.com

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