[Short Story]: Lost

Pangkor Island was a childhood favourite of mine. I’d always be on the beach with my brother while our parents watched from the shade of the trees. We’d go every year and stay at the same resort. This time round I’d taken my just wed husband to the same place. I thought I’d share something of so much meaning with him. We’d headed out on a motorcycle at night to explore and came across a lost little girl. She said her mother had left her there. We popped her right onto the motorcycle and rode back to town. She began crying I tried to comfort her by hugging her. She shrieked at an inhuman pitch and threw my hands off her. The last thing I remember is riding off a cliff and a little girl crying.

About The Author

J-Han was a reserved child growing up. He spent most of his time making friends with the little bugs in the garden and went on many an adventure exploring the neighbourhood with Bruno his dog. Many years down the road he is much less reserved but still makes friends with the bugs that come into his room this time with a new partner, Momo.

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