7 Ways to Empower Women Every Day

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, which was celebrated last week, I’ve decided to write this down in my Google Docs as I was munching on my beans, (which my friend gave to me the day before) still feeling angry that someone was being petty about sharing food.

In the entertainment business – especially at the end of last year to beginning of this year – we saw celebrities (women in general) standing up to their sexual abusers. It was like a chain reaction. One after another came forward. I couldn’t be happier. There were feminists, consisting of both men and women who called themselves one and stood up at the Oscar’s podium. They spoke about how feminism should be done right.

Now that’s in the entertainment world. How about the rest of every other woman’s daily lives? How many of us know that women around the world, in third world countries especially, aren’t getting enough education? That they are subjected to sexual abuse and many more heinous activities from powerful men?

Empowering women isn’t just always through social media or anything online. It’s something that you do every day. It’s a movement that involves your attitude, your way of life and something much bigger, not just about typing on your phone’s keyboard and you’re done after two seconds.

Following that, here are 7 ways to empower women and their rights in your every day life, regardless of whether you’re a woman yourself, or a man.


Equal Wages

No matter how much effort she puts into her work, her salary doesn’t pay for what she has done. This is the kind of issue we should address. Women have things to pay for and buy, as men do. This issue isn’t only discussed by us regular, working class women. Even Hollywood ladies are being underpaid. So stand up for equal pay!


Woman-Only Parkings, Coach/Train Seats & Taxis

The other day, a lady who rode the KTM posted about a group of men who had occupied women-only seats. And to make matters even worse, a mother was breastfeeding her child. All the while, the men were taking advantage of that, trying to take a peak at her. Burning with anger, she decided to chase the men away, only to be called out for “creating a scene”.

Girls! This is our right! And standing there, not saying anything means you’re not claiming your rights. People are not born into this world as psychics. Say what’s bugging you out loud and claim what is rightfully yours. 

And c’mon, occupying the seats that are not meant for you is not cool, guys. 


What We Wear

What women choose to wear is not an indication of her desire to sleep with you. It’s part of her style and it’s because of fashion. Whatever her reason is, her outfit doesn’t need to be judged by men, or anyone else in particular. Instead of judging/shunning women’s outfit, maybe people should just mind their own businesses and grow up. Wouldn’t that be easier than asking us women to run all the way home to change?



Women are allowed to do and be what they want, and whenever they want. There are still so many jobs that don’t allow women to apply. Women shouldn’t be told, “Oh, this job doesn’t suit you. Go back to your kitchen.” Well then, what about male makeup artists and designers? Apparently, makeup and sewing are part of every woman’s job, right?

There is no such thing as a conventional occupation for ladies in this millennial era. It’s all about competition and acceptance now. 



“Are you married yet?”

“OMG, you should get married quickly or else you’ll have difficulty giving birth.”

Heard that before? I think women are always bombarded by such questions from our older relatives to the point where you get sick of it. I didn’t know we were obligated to get ‘married’ fast. Though I’m not against early marriages, I do have my two cents about those who keep asking about why women are not ready to settle down, or not planning on getting a boyfriend quickly.

A woman’s status doesn’t depend on whether she’s married or not. Judge a woman by her career, her attitude, her poise and other things that are worth paying attention to.


Sexual Abuse/Experience

Many times, when a woman lodges a report on a man for being inappropriate towards her, the first question that will automatically pop out from one’s mouth would be, “What were you wearing the other day?” Does a woman’s outfit naturally make a man sexually aroused? This is a very twisted world we are living in. Instead of asking how the incident took place, we’d rather ask a victim about what she was wearing, whether she made the first move, and assuming the woman wanted it in the first place.

No means no. Period.

giphy (2)

Shape & Sizes

The entertainment world has been going on and on through televisions, social media and advertisements that a woman’s ‘ideal’ body should look slim, tall and white. And sadly enough, we all dream and strive – to the point of landing in emergencies rooms – to achieve this look. We should know that women come in all shapes and sizes. We should embrace the differences, because that’s what makes us all beautiful. It would be totally boring if everyone out there in the streets looked like a Victoria Secret’s model, right?

Even though empowering women and their rights through social media is the best and fastest way to gain people’s attention, it is still not instilled in people’s minds. The message has been spread out far and wide. However, we’ve failed to do our own part through our actions and don’t implement them in our everyday lives. I know Woman’s Day was celebrated last week, but it’s not too late to talk about it in our daily conversations, right?

And with this, I would like to dedicate this post to all the women out there, from young to old, from all corners of the world, in all different shapes and sizes. You’re great and you’re a wonderful creation of God.  


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