[FANFICTION] Left 4 Dead: No Mercy

by Adam Majid



Greetings to everyone in and on the anythinglah community!

As a fanfiction writer, I bounce around when it comes to writing fanfiction pieces. I go from Gothic Science Fiction, to Science Fiction, but now I wander over in to a more “current” world, the world that we live in – sort of – before taking a dramatic left turn in to a Zombie Apocalypse!

Welcome to Left 4 Dead® by Valve, and my “novelization” of the first campaign from Left 4 Dead: – No Mercy. Follow the ensemble protagonists Zoey, Francis, Bill and Louis as they trek through the zombie ravaged city of Fairfield, Pennsylvania. They will cure the infection one bullet at a time all the way to Mercy Hospital and its climactic roof top battle.

The full fanfiction: – https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6785637/1/Left-4-Dead-No-Mercy

The rest of my fanfiction is here: – https://www.fanfiction.net/u/465790/Eristarisis

Read and enjoy lah!


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