[Short Story]: I Love my Ma

I love my Ma a lot. She always spends time with me. Even when Pa didn’t come home and Jie didn’t want to see me anymore. Ma will always stay with me and I will always stay with her too.


I am always at home alone. Ma, Pa and Jie are always out. I don’t know where they go but Ma always tells me to be a good boy at home. I like making Ma happy. She buys me sweets when I am a good boy. Every day at home I play with the trucks and Power Rangers Pa got for me until I get bored. Then I go into Jie’s room to play with her things. Jie has all these colorful powders that smell funny. She also has all these dolls that are so pretty with their dresses and curly hair but Jie always scolds me if I try to touch them so I don’t play with them. Then I go into Ma and Pa’s room. Ma has the same funny powders as Jie. They don’t taste nice. I found a box under the bed with magazines inside them. Pa said they were his. The magazines were old and had naked girls on them. Pa said one day when I’m old enough he will give them to me. I don’t like them. The girls always look uncomfortable. Then I go into Ma and Pa’s bathroom. Ma always has these sweets that make her fall asleep. She told me not to touch them but I wanted to try. I took one out of the bottle and went back to my room. I ate the sweet but it didn’t taste nice but I finished it anyway. Then I got a little dizzy so I decided to take a nap. The next thing I knew, Ma was next to me waking me up. They were home and waiting for me to eat dinner.

I followed Ma downstairs.


Ma says I am 20 now and a big boy so I have to be responsible. I must now make my own lunch. Ma taught me how to use the microwave and how to cook eggs. My favorite is egg salad. Ma says my eggsalad is nice. I like it when Ma calls me her special boy. I don’t take Ma’s sweets anymore but I did start playing with Jie’s dolls.


“You freak”

Jie’s boyfriend isn’t nice to me. I just want to share my trucks and power rangers with him. Ma always says I should share my toys with other people. I don’t like him.


I am 25 now. Jie is still with her boyfriend. He doesn’t talk to me anymore. Sometimes at night when Ma and Pa aren’t home they play games in Jie’s room. They are very loud and it sounds funny. He also hits her because I can hear Jie crying. I only cry when Ma hits me. Jie caught me playing with her dolls and told Ma. I don’t play with her dolls anymore.


Ma says that Pa won’t be coming home anymore. He’s in a better place now. I don’t understand what she is talking about. Jie’s tummy is very round now. She says she has another person inside her. Maybe Jie got hungry and ate someone. Ma is always sad around the house. She doesn’t go to work anymore so I cannot play with Jie’s dolls. I sit with Ma and watch the television a lot. It has colorful cartoons.


I am 30 today. Ma is tired a lot. Jie comes over with a baby. I tried playing with the baby and sharing my toys with it but Jie scolded me. She said I would only hurt it. I don’t understand why Jie thinks sharing is so bad. The baby cries a lot. I told it to be quiet but it wouldn’t listen. I smacked it like Ma used to smack me. The baby cried louder. Jie scolded me more and said that she was never coming back. I don’t mind. Now I can play with Jie’s toys in her room.


I don’t know how old I am now. Ma doesn’t talk to me anymore. She just sleeps every day. I still make her my egg salad because I know she likes it. I need to help Ma chew. Even though I give Ma showers she still smells very bad. I play with Jie’s dolls anytime now. My truck is broken though. It’s okay, Ma will always spends time with me so I am happy. I love my Ma.

About The Author

J-Han was a reserved child growing up. He spent most of his time making friends with the little bugs in the garden and went on many an adventure exploring the neighbourhood with Bruno his dog. Many years down the road he is much less reserved but still makes friends with the bugs that come into his room this time with a new partner, Momo.

Instagram: @lokejhan

Artists Instagram: @gragedamn

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