Attention, Men: It’s Time For 5 O’Clock!

A stubble is the beginner’s step for men who plan on growing facial hair. While most companies (eg: customer related jobs) prefer their male employees to be “clean” and professional, this challenges men’s preference of growing their macho “mane”. So then, all the men end up sporting the pretty boy K-Pop clean-shaven look.

But actually, it is the scruff that shows that you’re mature but assertive, and not forgetting, professional.

I mean, studies have shown that most women are sexually attracted to heavy stubble because it makes a guy look masculine and sexy. (Of course some women prefer clean-shaven men too, but that’s their choice.)


ShaveBeard1Left or right? If you’re all for right, keep reading…

That being said, let me assist in you in getting that perfect shade for your face, before you venture on to becoming more daring and growing a full-on beard, perhaps?

Here’s what you need to do …

  1. Get yourself a trimmer.


    (You can get this at any DIY shops as cheap as RM29.90, although I advise you to get an adjustable clipper version ranging 1-4.)

  2. Use clipper no. 1, while having the built-in guard all to the front.


    (Another option is to use it without the clippers but have the built-in guard all the way back. Choosing the kind of 5 o’clock shade that you need is entirely your choice, so now mow the lawn!)

  3. Next, get a pair of scissors. 

    (And trim the hairs that are jutting out. This is for smooth consistency across your face. Applicable on moustaches as well.)

  4. Shave off any hair that grows just right above your Adam’s apple using a razor.

    (If you are afraid of slicing open your Adam’s apple, clippers would do the trick too.)

  5. If your hair grows high up on your cheeks, you may shave it off just below your cheekbone, parallel to your jawline.



You may need to repeat this trimming process every 2 to 4 days, depending on the growth of your facial hair. Any longer, and you’ll be sporting a beard. That’s not a bad choice, but it’s yours to make!

beard_grooming_beard_shaving_irritationNo pressure, guys …


Charles Surendh David is a bearded man, and is too awesome to be written about in just a short paragraph. Bug him on Instagram.

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