[FANFICTION] Death of Ghost Birth of Queen

by Adam Majid

So….FanFiction. I write them and enjoy the unique challenge that they pose. I took on a challenge to fill in one of the “blanks” in the ORIGINAL StarCraft – as in StarCraft by Blizzard from the 1990s. I went ahead and crafted what would be the last stand of the Sarah Kerrigan and her assault team in the ruins of New Gettysburg, on Tarsonis after their abandonment by Mengsk. Please note that when this particular piece was written, Brood Wars was not out yet. StarCraft II was definitely not out yet! So there are of course discrepancies in this piece

The official synopsis looks like this: – “Ghost Special Operative Sarah Kerrigan. Her battle with the Zerg upon the orbital platforms of Tarsonis. Her death at the hands of the Swarm, and her rebirth upon Char.”

You can find the full fanfiction piece here: –


You can find the rest of my fanfiction works here: –


Read and enjoy lah!

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